Here at FitDomnium, we think that it is important to clearly define the criteria by which we may suggest one product over another. Essentially, we rate all products on a few key factors:


Safety is perhaps the primary goal when looking at product selection. People get into the fitness game to live a healthier lifestyle, we would never recommend a product that could be perceived as dangerous in any way.

Fitness is really fun but at the end of the day, there are still heavy weights and machinery involved. As such, we make sure to test every product we get very thoroughly. The last thing you need in your home gym is your barbell snapping in half or your squat rack failing.

Brand Reputation

If it were a perfect world, we would hope that would solely go off the product and nothing more. However, the reality is that certain brands are simply more trustworthy in the fitness spaces due to time and size.

We will always give unknown brands and manufacturers a fair go but will choose to air on the side of caution for factors that we cannot really determine based on a singular review. For example, things such as customer support, replacements, etc are generally more robust among legacy companies.


Durability can be a bit hard to measure given that we can’t really test a product for the life cycle that a consumer would expect. However, we do our best by looking at things such as materials used, brand, warranty, etc.


Things can start to add up very quickly if you are a consumer trying to get some equipment together. For that reason, price is always going to be a big factor when it comes to rating products.

Sure, the $5000 rack may be state of the art and have all these nice features that I can go on forever about, but that does not mean it is the best option for the majority of fitness clients. The best option is more likely to be a product that is affordable while having a few nice features as a bonus.