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are smith machines bad

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Daniel Mesa

Are Smith Machines Bad? What You Need To Know

If you’ve been hitting the gym, chances are you’ve met this intriguing piece of equipment. But are Smith Machines bad? Some fitness enthusiasts sing its praises, while others stay skeptical. With most having a strong opinion one way or another.

Smith machines are generally more beginner-friendly since they do lots of stabilization work for you. You can still get plenty of muscle recruitment but not as much as if you were just using a barbell.

But let’s cut through the confusion and discover the truth behind the Smith Machine. We’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks so you can determine if it’s a good fit for your fitness program. So, strap in as we demystify the Smith Machine and equip you to make the most effective fitness decisions!

Are Smith Machines Bad? The Truth

There have been many heated discussions among gym-goers about whether or not Smith machines are harmful. There are benefits and drawbacks to using Smith machines, just as there are to using any other type of exercise equipment, and the right choice will depend on your fitness goals and preferences.

That being said, to simply say that the Smith machine is bad would be incorrect. If used properly, it can be an excellent piece of gym equipment. Sure it will not be a pure or difficult as barbell training, but that will not matter for most people.

Unless you are specifically trying to get stronger within the context of barbell movements, the smith machine will allow you to reach your hypertrophy goals.

Smith Machine Good Or Bad: The Facts

Let’s delve into the facts and explore the pros and cons of using Smith machines:

Smith Machine Pros

Enhanced Safety

One of the best things about Smith tools is that they make things safer. The set vertical barbell track removes the need to hold the weight steady, making it safer to do squats and bench presses. This makes Smith machines a great choice for people who are just starting or returning from an injury.

Muscle Isolation

Smith machines let you work out certain muscles by themselves without balancing the weight. This can help people who want to focus and build up specific muscle groups well.


Despite the debate, Smith machines offer a wide range of exercise options. From squats and lunges to shoulder presses and rows, you can perform various compound and isolation movements with controlled and guided motions.

Assisted Training

Smith machines can help lifters trying to get better at bodyweight exercises or build their power. By changing the balancing, you can lighten the load and focus more on the right way to move.

Smith Machine Cons

Fixed Movement Path

While the fixed barbell path ensures stability, it can restrict the natural movement patterns of some exercises. This may not be ideal for athletes or advanced lifters aiming for functional strength.

Limited Core Activation

Since the machine holds the weight steady, your core muscles might not be as involved as when you use free weights or other resistance tools. This can stop you from getting stronger in your core.

Muscle Imbalances

Over time, using only Smith machines can cause muscle imbalances. It’s possible that the guided movements won’t engage as many stabilizing muscles as would be the case with free weights.

Reduced Functional Strength

Functional strength is the ability to use multiple muscle groups to do things in everyday life or sports. Smith machines remove the need for stabilization and balance, so they may not be a good way to build useful strength.

What Is A Smith Machine Actually Good For?

Smith Machine Squats

This exercise is great for people who are just starting out or are healing from an injury. It’s safer because the barbell path is set, so you don’t have to hold it down as much. Smith machine squats work the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes to build power in the lower body.

Smith Machine Bench Press

The Smith machine is ideal for exercising the chest and triceps independently of a spotter due to its guided course. Those who want to strengthen their upper bodies can consider this exercise, as the predetermined movement route increases safety and stability during the workout.

Smith Machine Shoulder Press

When you do shoulder presses on the Smith machine, you can effectively work on your deltoids and biceps. The machine gives you more stability, so you’re less likely to strain your lower back, and it lets you focus on the right form and muscle activity.

Smith Machine Bent-Over Rows

With the Smith machine’s guided motion, you can safely work your back and arms. When you use the machine to do bent-over rows, you can focus on and improve your back and biceps muscles without worrying about your form.

Are Smith Machine Squats Bad?

Smith Machine squats themselves are not necessarily bad, but like any exercise, they have their limitations. Understanding these limitations can help you make informed decisions about incorporating Smith Machine squats into your workout routine.

Benefits for Beginners and Rehabilitation

Smith Machine squats can help beginners and injured people. Stability from the set barbell route helps maintain form. New squatters can focus on technique without having to worry about weight balance.

Smith Machine squats can also help injury recovery. Guided motion and limited lateral movement lessen joint stress, making squats safer and more controllable during recovery.

Limitations for Overall Strength and Balance

Smith Machine squats are good for newbies and people getting back on their feet because they offer stability and controlled movement. But their general strength and balance aren’t as good as they could be. The fixed path of the barbell reduces natural movement, which makes stabilizer muscles work less. This can lead to muscle weaknesses and less strength in everyday tasks. 

Smith Machine squats are also good for building leg strength, but you also need to do free-weight squats and useful exercises for a well-rounded workout that targets different muscle groups and helps you move more naturally.

Balancing Your Approach

Balance is the key to being able to do Smith Machine squats well. For people who are just starting out or are coming back from an injury, they can help build safe squatting mechanics and initial strength. But free-weight squats and functional workouts are important to work stabilizer muscles and improve strength and balance all over. When you do both kinds of squats together, you get a well-rounded lower-body workout that improves your ability to move around. 

In the end, whether Smith Machine squats are “bad” or not rests on how they fit into your fitness goals and routine. Knowing their pros and cons gives you the power to make the most progress and get the results you want.

Final Thoughts

The verdict on Smith Machines varies depending on your situation and fitness goals. If stability is a concern, they can be a useful investment. However, for overall strength and functional fitness, free weight exercises are essential. The key is to diversify your workouts by blending Smith Machine exercises with free weights and bodyweight workouts for optimal results. Explore various exercise programs to find what suits you best, and remember that being a better, healthier version of yourself is all about striking a healthy balance and pushing your limits.


Is Smith machine as good as regular bench?

Both a smith machine and a regular bench can provide excellent chest development. However, if you want to train for strength you should be using a regular bar and bench to get the most strength benefits.