11 Best Functional Trainers For Your Home Gym (2023)

Written by Daniel Mesa
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best functional trainers

Short On Time?

The REP FT-5000 was our top pick because of the combination of value and versatility. The spectacular build quality, high weight capacity, and competitive price made it hard to beat

Functional trainers are some of the most versatile and beneficial pieces of home gym equipment. In the past few years, functional trainers have become more popular because there are now more portable and affordable options.

Nowadays, even home gym owners on a budget or with space limitations can still find a functional trainer that works for them.

In this article, we will go over our picks for the best functional trainers for 2023 and explain why this machine can be an excellent addition to your home gym. Whether you are looking for some of the more advanced, technology-filled functional trainers or more basic, pin-loaded options, this guide should have you covered.

Best Functional Trainers 2023

Every single functional trainer on this list has been tested hands-on by the team of personal trainers and athletes at FitDominum. Aside from hands-on testing, the team also compared specs, customer reviews, and pricing to determine this list.

REP Fitness FT-5000: Best Overall Functional Trainer

Best Overall
REP Fitness FT-5000

The new and improved REP FT-5000 is one of the most versatile pieces of home gym equipment. For an affordable price, you can add a state-of-the-art piece of gym equipment to your home gym.

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  • Key Feature: Combination of quality and price makes it the best functional trainer for most people
  • Dimensions: 45 ” L x 84″ H x 72″ W
  • Weight: 1,0001 pounds
  • Max Effective Resistance: 110 pounds
  • Price: $2,500


We picked the REP Fitness FT-5000 as our best overall functional trainer due to the relatively affordable price and abundance of features.

The functional trainer itself is extremely durable and clearly designed to last a lifetime. The machine’s frame is made of 11-gauge steel, weighs 1000 pounds, and has an electrostatic powder coat that is very hard to chip.

This functional trainer has two weight stacks, each of which can hold up to 220 pounds. However, the weights operate at a 2:1 ratio meaning that 220 pounds of weight will be 110 pounds of effective resistance.

best overall functional trainer

A pull-up bar is included and features three grip options: supinated, neutral, and wide.

During our use, the starting weight and length of the cable were the only real problems we ran into. At 12.5 pounds, this is definitely on the higher end and can be a bit much for some isolation exercises like cable lateral raises.

The cables are also only capable of reaching 52 inches off the ground. Some of the taller members of our team had trouble getting a full range of motion in with such a short cable length.

Also, the REP functional trainer only comes with one pair of handles. The handles themselves are nice and most cable attachments are not that expensive, but some other functional trainers come lots of attachments included.

On a more positive note, the REP Fitness FT-5000 comes partially assembled which drastically cuts down the assembly time. Functional trainers often take hours to put together.

The REP FT-5000 really does offer lots of value at the price of $2500. With an included lifetime warranty, it is what we recommend for most people.


  • Very durable with 11-gauge steel and electrostatic powder coating
  • Dual 220-pound weight stack
  • Smooth cables with aluminum pulleys
  • Ships partially assembled
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • Multi-grip pull-up bar


  • Heavy starting weight at 12.5 lbs
  • Cables only go up to 52 inches
  • Does not come with any attachments

Titan Fitness Functional Trainer: Best Value Functional Trainer

Best Value
Titan Fitness Functional Trainer

The Titan Fitness Functional Trainer is the best functional trainer for the money on the market. Titan's functional trainer is a great buy for people with home gyms because it can hold up to 200 pounds and comes with a number of attachments.

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  • Key Feature: Number of included attachments and affordable price make it the best value functional trainer.
  • Dimensions: 44″ L x 82″ H x 64″ W
  • Weight: 672 Pounds
  • Max Effective Resistance: 100 pounds
  • Price: $2,500


It was a close race between the Titan Fitness Functional Trainer and REP FT-5000 since both come in at $2500 with free shipping. REP edged it but the Titan functional trainer is still a great option and may even provide more value at this price point.

The Titan Fitness Functional Trainer features double-weight stacks and a dual cable setup. each stack has a maximum weight 0f 200 pounds with a 2:1 ratio. So the 200 pounds will provide 100 pounds of resistance per side. This should be plenty for most cable exercises.

best budget functional trainer

The main selling point of the Titan Fitness Functional is the wide variety of included attachment options:

  • Short Bar

  • Long Bar

  • Long Bar

  • Ankle Strap

  • Dual Stirrup Handles

  • Rope Handles

  • Single and Double D-Handles

Compared to the REP’s, the Titan Fitness Functional Trainer is a bit more compact and lightweight.

However, despite the fact that the Titan functional trainer is over 300 pounds lighter, it still felt very stable and did not need to be bolted to the ground. There was some minor shaking with heavier weights but nothing serious.

The main downside of the Titan Fitness Functional Trainer is the 1-year warranty and shorter height. I think that Titan’s quality has improved drastically over the past few years but I would still want more than 1-year for such an expensive purchase.

Also, the shorter height again means that taller lifters may not be able to get that full range of motion.


  • Very competitive price
  • Highly durable aluminum pulleys
  • Dual 200-pound weight stacks at a 2:1 ratio
  • Lots of included attachments


  • Only comes with a one-year warranty
  • Can be shaky\unstable at higher weights
  • Only 82 inches tall, may be harder for taller lifters to get a full range of motion

Inspire Fitness FT2: Best Premium Functional Trainer

Premium Pick
INSPIRE Fitness FT2 Functional Trainer and Smith Station

The Inspire Fitness FT2 is our pick for the best premium functional trainer. With a functional trainer and smith machine all in one, the FT2 is one of the most feature packed functional trainers on the market.

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06/09/2023 12:17 am GMT


  • Key Feature: Includes built-in smith machine along with functional trainer.
  • Dimensions: 58″ L x 83-88″ H x 61″ W
  • Weight: 700 pounds
  • Max Effective Resistance: 85 pounds
  • Price: $4,699


If you want to take up the versatility even more, the Inspire Fitness FT2 is both a functional trainer and a smith machine. Inspire Fitness is typically seen more in more commercial settings which should speak volumes about the durability and quality of this product.

At $5,000, it is certainly one of the more expensive options on this list but just keep in mind that you are getting both a functional trainer and a smith machine. Buying these separately would easily cost more. Also, there are financing options available as well.

The actual functional trainer is made with heavy-duty steel and clearly built to last. Inspire clearly believes this as well as the FT2 comes with a lifetime warranty.

best premium functional trainer

The Inspire Fitness Functional Trainer has eight different pulleys allowing for a variety of setup and exercise selections.

The dual-weight stack has a maximum weight of 165 pounds at a 2:1 ratio. If you want more weight, there is also a 50-pound add-on available to give you 107.5 pounds of effective resistance.

The genius of the FT2 is that the smith machine connects directly to the weight stack eliminating the need for extra weight plates. The ease of use and overall compactness makes it one of the best ways to get a smith machine in a home gym.

In terms of other add-ons, the FT2 also includes a number of attachments:

  • Triceps Rope

  • Two Rubber D Handles

  • Straight Bar

  • EZ Curl Bar

  • Ankle Strap

  • Multi Functional Belt

  • Sport Handle

  • 2 x 5 lbs Add-On Weights

If money is no object and you truly just want one of the versatile functional trainers on the market, it is hard to beat the Inspire Fitness FT2.


  • Smith machine and functional trainer in one machine
  • Very good, heavy-duty build quality
  • Lots of pulley options
  • Comes with diverse attachments and accessories


  • One of the more expensive options (financing available)
  • Max weight is only 165 pounds with 2:1 ratio
  • Cables are not the most durable
  • Smith machine bar can get in the way

REP Ares Functional Trainer: Best Functional Trainer With Power Rack

Best Functional Trainer With Power Rack
REP Ares Functional Trainer

The REP Ares attaches seamlessly to any REP PR-4000 or 5000 racks. With the Ares builder, you can custom build your Ares functional trainer and power rack of choice.

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  • Key Feature: Can attach or be ordered with a REP squat rack.
  • Dimensions: Will depend on the rack configuration chosen
  • Weight: 965 Pounds
  • Max Effective Resistance: 130 Pounds
  • Price: Depends on your rack


In the home gym community, the REP PR-4000 is often considered the rack to beat for home gym owners. The main selling points of the PR-4000 are that it is very customizable, comes with a variety of attachments, and is affordable.

REP recently added to the versatility of the PR-4000 by releasing the Ares Functional trainer.

If you already have a REP PR-4000 or 5000, you can of course purchase the Ares and attach it to your rack.

If you do have a rack or a functional trainer, getting an Ares functional trainer with PR-4000 added on can be a great way to save money and get added versatility for your home gym.

best functional trainer with power rack

With a REP PR-4000, you can customize nearly every aspect including:

  • Rack Height

  • Rack Depth

  • Pull Up Bar

  • Safety Attachments

  • J-Cups

  • Color

  • Weight Horns

In terms of the Ares, there is also a lot to like. Unlike other power rack cable attachments, the Ares actually feels quite natural.

With over 30 pulleys, REP really ensured that the weight felt smooth like a normal function trainer. The cables are adjustable via pop pin and glide up and down the rack very easily. The attachment points also swivel a full 180 degrees, making them practical for any exercise.

The dual-weight stacks each have a maximum weight of 260 pounds at a 2:1 ratio. If you want more weight, you get the 50-pound add-on as well.

The Ares also comes with some included attachments as well:

  • Urethane D-Handles

  • Lat Pull-down Bar

  • Straight Bar

  • Four 2.5 Add-Ons

Overall, if you are looking for a rack and functional trainer combo, the Ares would be a great way to start your home gym.


  • Save money and space by combining a functional trainer and power rack
  • 260-pound weight stacks with 50-pound upgrade available
  • Comes with pulleys for low rows and pull-downs
  • Knurled handles on the pop pin are very nice


  • Assembly takes a long time with over 30 pulleys
  • Low rows are lower than you would want
  • Lose access to the back of the power rack

XMark Functional Trainer: Best Functional Trainer On Amazon

Amazon Pick
XMark Home Gym Functional Trainer

If you want to get a premium functional trainer, the XMark is one of the most feature-rich options on the market. With plenty of attachments included and pulley options, the XMark is a great choice.

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06/09/2023 12:32 am GMT


  • Key Feature: Very durable and available on Amazon with prime.
  • Dimensions: 65″ L x 43.5″ W x ” 83″ H
  • Weight: 810 pounds
  • Max Effective Resistance: 100 pounds
  • Price: $2700


We understand why some people exclusively shop on Amazon given the ease of use and free shipping and returns. After trying out some of the options, we found the best functional trainer on Amazon to be the XMark functional trainer.

This functional trainer is made with 11-gauge, 2-inch-by-3-inch steel making it one of the heavier-duty options on this list.

One of the best things about these functional trainers is the fact that it goes all the way up to 78 inches from as low as 12 inches. With 19 attachment points, this makes it one of the more adjustable functional trainers on the market.

The dual-weight stacks have a max weight of 200 pounds each at a 2:1 ratio. This Xmark also comes with a split-grip pull-up bar.

xmark attachments

The XMark Functional Trainer also comes with one of the best attachment bundles we have seen:

  • Triceps Rope

  • Triceps Pressdown Bar

  • Multi-grip Revolving Curl Bar

  • Two Single-Grip Handles

  • 17″ Strap Handles

  • Pair of 8″ Strap Handles

  • Leg Extension/Leg Curl Strap

  • Ankle Cuff

The only downside we found with the Xmark was the frequent customer complaints with assembly. It took us several hours and was certainly not the easiest, but it is doable.

Overall, the X-Mark would be higher on our list if it were not for the $2700 price point. This is still competitive and good value just not as affordable as some of our other options.


  • Lots of attachments and accessories included
  • Up to 19 different adjustment points allow for more versatility
  • Cables are high quality resulting in a smooth, sturdy feel
  • Dual weight stacks with a max weight of 200lb at 2:1 ratio


  • Slightly more expensive than other options
  • Hard to assemble with missing parts and poor instructions being a common complaint

REP Fitness FT-3000: Best Budget Functional Trainer

Budget Pick
REP Fitness FT-3000 Functional Trainer

The FT-3000 can be thought of as the smaller and cheaper version of the FT-3000. Despite the lower cost, the FT-3000 is still built to the same standards and is a great choice for home gym owners with limited space.

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  • Key Feature: Smaller and more compact design makes it more affordable and easier to fit in home gyms.
  • Dimensions: 78″ H x 53″ W x 34″ L
  • Weight: 770 pounds
  • Max Effective Resistance: 90 Pounds
  • Price: $2150


When it comes to budget functional trainers, the options are few and far between. At $2,150 and made by a quality company like REP, the REP FT-3000 is the cheapest functional trainer with weight stacks that we would feel safe recommending. Anything lower than this likely has questionable build quality or features.

The biggest upside of the REP Fitness FT-3000 is the compact design. With only 34 inches in depth and 53 inches in length, it should fit in most home gym setups with no issues.

The compactness may cause some trouble for taller lifters, but it is nothing you cannot work around.

best budget functional trainer

The main compromise you will be making at this price point is your maximum. The dual-weight stacks have a max weight of 180 pounds at a 2:1 ratio.

This should still be enough for most people, but it is less than other functional trainers. The other drawback is that other than two D-handles, there are no included attachments.

However, I think small compromises like that are to be expected with a budget option. On a plus side, the REP FT-300 ships partially assembled and come with a lifetime frame warranty.

Also, you can find many attachment bundles online and still come out ahead with this REP functional trainer.


  • Lower cost
  • Comes partially assembled
  • Very compact and lightweight for home gym owners
  • Dual weight stacks with 180 pounds at 2:1 ratio


  • Lower height makes it harder for taller lifters to use
  • No attachments included
  • Takes some time for cables and pulleys to break in

Torque F9 Fold-Away Functional Trainer: Best Compact Functional Trainer

Best Compact Funtional Trainer
Torque F9 Fold-Away Functional Trainer

If you are short on space, the Torque F( functional trainers offer the perfect solution, With just a 3x3 footprint during use and half that when stored away, the F9 really is the best choice for those with limited space.

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  • Key Feature: Fold-able design makes it the F9 very compact.
  • Dimensions: 64″ L x 64″ W x 84″ H
  • Weight: 610 pounds
  • Max Effective Resistance: 112.5 pounds (with largest stack)
  • Price: $2,400


If you are short on space but still want to reap the benefits of functional trainers, the unique design of the Torque F9 Fold-Away Functional Trainer may be exactly what you need.

Even while being used the Torque F9 can be tucked in a small 3×3 corner. Surprisingly, you still get a full 94 inches of cable travel, way more than some competitors despite the smaller design.

The genius of the F9 is that the folding design can reduce the footprint of the machine in half. Just fold the doors and now your functional trainer is hidden away, perfect for people with kids or for those that use their home gym for other purposes as well.

best compact functional trainer

The Torque F9 also comes with an adjustable bench that can be removed if you do not want to use it. The weight stacks come in 125 pound, 200 pound, and 225 pound options at at a 2:1 ratio.

For its size, the Torque F9 Fold-Away Functional Trainer is very capable and does not give up much on some of the larger options on this list. The only noticeable downside was that this functional trainer was a chore to assemble.

The added complexity of the moving parts and lackluster instructions made this take a few hours to put together.


  • Very smooth and quiet cables
  • High quality attachment bundle included
  • Fordable design makes it great for smaller home gyms
  • Cables have surprisingly long reach


  • Hard to assemble with lots of moving parts
  • Cables sometimes get too much slack

Titan Fitness Plate Loaded Functional Trainer: Best Plate Loaded Functional Trainer

Best Plated Loaded Functional Trainer
Titan Fitness Plate Loaded Functional Trainer

The Titan Fitness Plated Loaded Functional Trainer offers massive savings by allowing you to use the weights you already have in your home gym.

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  • Key Feature: Much cheaper than other functional trainers and allows you to use your own weight plates.
  • Dimensions: 61″ W x 53″ L x 81″ H
  • Weight: 178 pounds
  • Max Effective Resistance: 300 pounds
  • Price: $1,200


One of the main things that drive the cost of functional trainers up is the weight stacks. Both in terms of material and shipping, the weight stacks are what really make functional trainers one of the pricier items for home gyms.

The beauty of the Titan Fitness Plate Loaded Functional Trainer is that it allows using the weight plates that you likely already have in your home gym.

At just $1,260, you can dramatically cut down on the cost of a functional trainer by using the weights you already paid for.

best plate loaded functional trainer

The way it works is that Titan functional has two Olympic sleeves where you can load your weight. Each sleeve can hold over 300 pounds, meaning that you should have no limitations with this functional trainer.

Despite the low price, this Titan piece also comes with a number of pulleys so you can do low rows and pull-downs. A pull-up bar is included as well.

The main downside to this design is that the process of loading and unloading weights is obviously not as easy or smooth as a pin and weight stack.

However, given the drastic price difference (less than half the cost of most functional trainers), it may something worth dealing with.


  • Much cheaper than other functional trainers (less than half)
  • Can use weights you already have in your home gym
  • 660 lbs weight capacity


  • Not the most stable options, moves and shakes with higher weight
  • Low row position is not very comfortable

Force USA G20 All-In-One Trainer: Most Versatile Functional Trainer

Most Versatile
Force USA G20 Pro All-In-One Trainer

The Force USA G20 Pro Functional Trainers features over 11 gym machines in one including a smith machine, functional trainer, power rack, core trainer, and more.

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  • Key Feature: 11 gym machines in one.
  • Dimensions: 79″ W x 67″ L x 91″ H
  • Weight: 992 pounds
  • Max Effective Resistance: 144 pounds
  • Price: $5,999


When it comes to functional trainers, most can easily be described as versatile. However, most would pale in comparison to the Force USA G-20.

The G-20 can essentially be described as 11 pieces of gym equipment. Sure it may be pricey at $6,000 but it comes with, a power rack, smith machine, functional trainer, core trainer, leg press, and much more.

If that was not enough, the dual weight stacks on this beast are 289 lbs each at a 2:1 ratio for maximum resistance. The frame itself is also made of 11-gauge steel, not that this functional trainer lacks sturdiness.

most versatile functional trainer

The entire setup comes with 29 different attachments and 51 adjustment points on the rack thanks to the Westside hole spacing.

The bottom line is that this is truly the one piece of gym equipment to rule them all.

If you have the space and can justify the large price, there is not really anything you can get on the market that comes close to the G-20 in terms of features and versatility.


  • 11 gym machines in one
  • Westside hole spacing
  • 2:1 ratio 289 pound weight stacks for max resistance
  • Multiple attachments and accessories included
  • Highly durable


  • Very expensive
  • No barbell storage included
  • Complicated assembly

Life Fitness G7: Best Commercial Functional Trainer

Commercial Pick
Life Fitness G7 Functional Trainer

The Life FItness G7 brings the durability and feel of commerial equpiment to your home gym.

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  • Key Feature: Commercial grade build quality and adjustability
  • Dimensions: 48″ L x 70″ W x 83″ H
  • Weight: 980 pounds
  • Max Effective Resistance: 80 pounds
  • Price: $3,899


In the world of functional trainers, the name to beat is Life Fitness. If you have been to any gym around the world, chances are that you have encountered some sort of Life Fitness functional trainer.

For good reason as well, Life Fitness equipment is designed for commercial and is extremely durable.

If you want to bring this commercial feel to your home gym, the Life Fitness G7 is one of the best options for home gym owners.

While it may not be as big as some of its commercial counterparts, the G7 still uses 11-gauge steel and has over 20 height adjustment points meaning that it can be used by just about anybody.

The main downside to the G7 is that the weight stacks max out at 160 pounds with a 2:1 ratio. At 80 pounds of effective resistance, this is less than what you get with most other functional trainers.


  • Comes with multiple attachments and accessories
  • Prices include professional installation and assembly
  • Lifetime warranty on everything besides the cables
  • Highly durable


  • Higher space requirements at 10′ x 8′
  • More expensive than other options (Financing available)
  • Max effective resistance is 80 pounds

Tonal Smart Functional Trainer: Best Smart Functional Trainer

Best Smart Functional Trainer
Tonal Smart Functional Trainer

Tonal uses unique technology to automatically adjust the resistance for you. Complete with built-in strength assessments and workouts, Tonal truly is the functional trainer of the future.

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  • Key Feature: Smart tech uses AI to optimize resistance for you.
  • Dimensions: 21.5″ W x 5.25″ L x 50.9″ H
  • Weight: 150 pounds
  • Max Effective Resistance: 100 pounds
  • Price: $3,495


If you have not been keeping up with the smart home gym market, you have been missing out on some great tech. I used to doubt the place of technology in the gym but the Tonal Smart Home Gym has completely won me over.

Just like any other functional trainer, you can move the attachment points up and down to do a variety of exercises. The cool thing about Tonal though is that it takes care of the weight selection for you.

Using AI (artificial intelligence) produces the optimal amount of resistance for you to build muscle by measuring how much force you are producing.

best smart functional trainer

The other great thing about Tonal, is that it comes with a variety of installed modes, classes, and assessments for you to use. The fact that the tonal attaches to your wall as well makes it a great addition for those in apartments.

However, all these features do come at a price. The Tonal costs around $3,500 and a $49 per month membership for you to access all the features.

If you can afford it, the tech and compactness of Tonal, make it one of the cooler options for home gym owners.


  • Uses AI to automatically adjust resistance
  • Professional installation included in price
  • Built-in workouts and assessments


  • Higher cost and additional $49 membership fee
  • Max effective resistance of 100 pounds per arm

What Is A Functional Trainer?

Functional trainers have become a bit of a broad term in recent years but it generally refers to pieces of gym equipment that allow you to train (functional) everyday movements.

Since these normally require moving your body through all the ranges of motion, they most commonly use dual cable pulleys and weight stacks.

Since they are very adjustable, a functional trainer can be used to virtually train any muscle you can think of. You could easily do any style of full body workout that you wanted to.

While they can be used for more functional exercises, most people tend to use them for more isolation based movements.

Functional trainers are usually some of the more expensive pieces of gym equipment. Even with modern companies designing more affordable options for home gym owners, they are still quite pricey for most people.

When it comes to the price, you just have to remember that you are getting a versatile piece of equipment in a rather compact form.

How Did We Rank And Compare These Functional Trainers

functional trainer characteristics

Since there are so many functional trainers on the market, we had to set some clear criteria to pick the best. Here are the main factors our team used to pick the best functional trainer:

Build Quality

Since this is very expensive equipment, we wanted to make sure that each of the functional trainers that we suggested was built to last. Frames made of thicker steel like 11 gauge scored higher. The same could be said of the cables and pulleys used.

We also made assumptions based on how the functional trainers performed with the max weight stacks being used. The more rugged functional trainers remained stable while some of the cheaper options tended to be shakier.


After assembling every functional trainer on this list, I can tell your firsthand that functional trainers are a burden to assemble.

Functional trainers that came partially assembled, had good instructions or had no missing parts scored higher.


Aside from budget, one of the main limiting factors that prevent home gym owners from getting a functional trainer is the size. Most people are operating with certain constraints in their home gym.

In our eyes, the best functional trainer carefully walked the line between being too big to fit in most people’s homes and being too small and not allowing for a full range of motion. Compact functional trainers were preferred if they did not make any compromises in terms of weight or range of motion.

Cables and Pulleys

Most functional trainers will just feature two pulleys with one on each side. Functional trainers that featured additional pulleys and allowed for rows and pull-downs were better in our opinion.

Also, the overall experience was considered. The smoothness of the cables and ease of adjustment were taken into account.

Weight Stacks

Weight stacks were easier to rank as this is a case where more is always better. We focused on effective resistance instead of maximum weight as this would be a more accurate measure of what resistance the functional trainer could actually produce.

Another factor that we considered was the increments. Weight stacks that went up in smaller amounts and allowed for more adjustments scored higher.

Attachments and Accessories

On their own attachments are not that expensive. But if you are buying lots of them, the prices can begin to add up quickly.

We liked functional trainers that included large attachment bundles. The more the better in this regard.

Accessories are things like weight add-ons and pull-up bars. Naturally, functional trainers with multi-grip pull-up bars that allowed you to perform pull-ups in different styles were preferred.


For versatility, the main thing we looked at was whether or not the functional trainer came with additional machines as well.

From our point of view, the best functional trainer in terms of versatility would not just be a functional trainer but also come with other functionality like a power rack, smith machine, or more.

Another minor factor here were the total attachment points. Functional trainers that had more options for setting the pulleys were better off.


With few exceptions, most functional trainers on the market will have a lifetime frame warranty. You will want to look into the specifics in terms of the pulleys and cables as there can be more variance here.

Given the high cost of a functional trainer, I would suggest doing your research on the terms and conditions of your warranty.


The reality of the functional trainer market is that a high-quality functional trainer will easily cost you more than $2000. But while looking at and comparing these functional trainers, we sought out those that delivered the best value.

So a more expensive functional trainer would not necessarily be better. We instead compared how the price stacked up against the specs and features. The best functional trainers had a combination of rich features at an affordable price.

Functional Trainer Benefits

Here are the main reasons why you should consider making a functional trainer the latest addition to your home gym:


The biggest benefit of owning a functional trainer is that you can basically work any muscle in your body with just a few adjustments. I myself have had workouts that just consisted of functional trainers while I was testing all of these out.

It is really incredible the number of movements you can do for each body part. Here are just a few of the best functional trainer exercises:

Chest: Chest Cable Fly, Cable Chest Press

Back: Pull-downs, Low Rows, Single Arm Rows, Lat Pullovers

Shoulders: Cable Lateral Raises, Shoulder Press, Upright Rows, Facepulls

Biceps: Hammer Curls, EZ Bar Curls, Behind The Back Curls

Triceps: Extensions, Push downs

Attachment Options

The cable hook style of functional trainers mean that you can use a variety of different attachments. Since there will not be any sort of compatibility issues, you can keep upgrading over time and trying the new things that companies keep on releasing.

functional trainer attachments

The main advantage of attachments is that there is something out for every specific to target a specific muscle group or help with a particular issue. Here are some of the main attachments you should look into:

  • Triceps Rope

  • Handles

  • EZ Curl Bar

  • Ankle Cuff

  • Lat Pulldown Bar

  • V Bar


The other great thing about functional trainers is that there are some of the safest and most beginner-friendly machines on the market.

Unlike some free weight exercises that require precise form and spotters, the functional trainer is very easy to use and does not pose a significant risk of injury to the user if used incorrectly.

All you really have to do is move the pin to your desired position and attach whichever attachment you choose to use. From there, you are good to go and can let at any point with no risk of getting trapped under a barbell.

Great For Rehabilitation

Functional trainers were initially designed to mimic many of the same movements that physical therapists would suggest to their clients.

The constant resistance of the cables, high degree of variation, and ease of use make it a perfect tool for those coming back from an injury.

When you start out, just keep in mind that the lowest weight is likely all you need after a prolonged period of inactivity. From there, one position up on the weight stack is enough to continuously challenge you as you get stronger and stronger.

Offers Lots Of Value To A Home Gym

It may like a stretch, since most decent functional trainers retail for over $2000, but the reality is that compared to alternatives, functional trainers are very cost-effective.

When you consider that you can work every muscle in your body in almost every type of way. you begin to see the value in a functional trainer. The only somewhat comparable alternative is a set of dumbbells. But a full set of dumbbells can easily double if not triple the cost of a functional trainer.

How Long Does A Functional Trainer Last

I would put a functional trainer in the same category of gym equipment as barbells and squat racks in terms of durability.

If you buy a good functional trainer from a quality company then you can easily expect it to last a lifetime with basic maintenance.

The frame itself is highly durable, what you want to look out for is usually the wear and tear on the pulleys and cables. These pieces are usually not included in the warranty and may need to be replaced after a few years.


What does a functional trainer do?

A functional trainer can essentially do anything when it comes to providing resistance. The dual cables and weight stacks allow you to adjust where the resistance comes from meaning that you work all of your muscle groups.

Are functional trainers worth it?

Functional trainers are very expensive in terms of home gyms. However, you have to realize that you are getting a lot of versatility for in a compact design. If you are looking for a piece of gym equipment that pretty much do it all, it is hard to beat a functional trainer.

Can you build muscle with a functional trainer?

Yes, you can build muscle with a functional trainer. Most functional trainers provide plenty of resistance and since you can adjust the direction, you can basically work every muscle in your body.

What if I cannot afford a functional trainer?

Functional trainers can be very expensive, so this is understandable. You should build a DIY pulley system while you save up for a functional trainer.

Final Verdict

In our opinion, we think that the REP FT-5000 is the best overall functional trainer for most people. The affordable prices and abundance of features made it a winner.

If you are looking for something with more premium features and a smith machine as well, the Inspire Fitness FT2 functional trainer has exactly what you need.

Lastly, if you are looking for a more affordable option, the REP FT-3000 offers many of the benefits of the 5000 in a smaller, cheaper package.

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