11 Best Squat Racks For Your Home Gym (2024)

Written by Daniel Mesa
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best squat racks

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The REP PR-5000 is our top pick overall because of the great build quality, affordable price, endless customization. On top of that, it is compatible with a wide variety of attachments.

A quality squat rack should be the centerpiece of any well-designed home gym. With just a squat rack, barbell, weight plates, and weight bench, you can do an endless selection of exercises to gain muscle and get stronger.

The trouble is that the modern squat rack market has become flooded with new options and features. With so many factors, such as dimensions, price, attachment compatibility, weight capacity, finish, etc., it can be hard to find the best squat rack for your needs.

In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the best squat racks for home gym owners in 2023. Whatever your budget or space limitations are, this guide will have the correct squat rack for you.

Best Squat Racks 2023

The FitDominium team of personal trainers and athletes has personally tested every squat rack on this list. The team did hands-on tests and compared specs, customer reviews, and prices to come up with this list.

REP PR-5000 v2: Best Squat Rack Overall

Best Overall
REP PR-5000

The REP PR-5000 is an excellent squat rack with top-of-the-line features and customization. Including 3x3 uprights, great attachment options, and westside hole spacing.

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  • Price: Starting at $885 (Free Shipping)
  • Tube Size: 3×3 11-Gauge
  • Hardware Size: 1″
  • Hole Spacing: 2″
  • Dimensions : 39″-69.5″ long x 50.5″ wide
  • Height: 80″ or 93″
  • Numbered Uprights: Yes
  • Color: Multiple
  • Made in: China


The PR-5000 is the squat rack that I personally own for my own home gym and the one that I recommend to most people. It just ticks all the boxes in terms of price, build quality, looks, and attachment compatibility. 3×3 racks with 1″ holes like this one will always be preferred since they have the most attachment options. Not to mention, REP in particular is some pretty great options including the Ares and Athena cables systems.

When you go to purchase the REP PR-5000, you are initially brought a rack builder where you can customize and view your rack as you decide on what specs you would like. The main things you will need to pick are:

  • Rack Height (80″ or 93″)

  • Rack Depth (16″, 30″, or 41″)

  • Logo Plate Crossmember (Standard or Compact)

  • Pull Up Bar (Standard or Multi-Grip Options)

  • J-Cups (Standard, Lowered, Sandwich)

  • Safeties (Straps or Arms)

  • Color (Multiple Options)

  • Attachments

Now when it comes to your selection, one of the more important factors you have to consider the dimensions. You can get the PR-5000 in either a six-post or four-post configuration with either a 31″ or 41″ inch depth. You should be aware that if you get the four-post rack, you will need to either bolt it down or use the front foot extensions. For depth, I found that even as a larger lifter, the 31″ inch depth provided more than enough room for lift comfortably.

You can also get either an 80″ or 93″ height. If you have the room, I would opt for the taller option. The extra length provides more room for attachments and gives you a better range of motion on pull-ups.

rep pr-5000 best squat rack for most people

Each hole on the uprights is marked by a laser-cut number for easy use. Another thing I like about this rack is that you can mix and match the colors of different portions to get a truly custom build.

REP also has tons of different attachments and accessories that you can add to your order including safeties, ISO arms, cable attachments, and more.

Overall, it is hard to beat the REP PR-5000 thanks to the high level of customization and competitive price. This rack is highly functional and you can build it to completely satisfy your current needs.


  • Highs levels of customization
  • 47″ upright width makes it easy to rack/unrack the bar
  • Numerous attachment options
  • Westside hole spacing
  • Good build quality and affordable price


  • Questionable welds and powder coating
  • Some attachments are not up to the build quality of competitors

Rogue RM-6 Monster Rack: Best Premium Squat Rack

Premium Pick
Rogue RM-6

The Rogue RM-6 is one of the most premium squat racks on the market. With such a large frame and design, you will have a squat rack for life.

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  • Price: Starting at $2,645
  • Tube Size: 3×3 11-Gauge
  • Hardware Size: 1″
  • Hole Spacing: 2″
  • Dimensions: 76″ Long x 49″ Wide
  • Height: 90″, 100″, or 108″
  • Numbered Uprights: Yes
  • Color: Multiple
  • Made in: USA


You cannot really talk about squat racks without discussing the Rogue Monster series. With squat racks, power racks, and folding racks it is a stacked lineup that Rogue has never hesitated on improving on. Among all the options in the Monster lineup, the RM-6 is the top-of-the-line rack.

Now, the RM-6 is a large rack, there is no way to get around it. With a six-post configuration and dimensions of 76″ long by 49″ wide, it certainly is not the best squat rack for those with space limitations. You would be better off looking at some of the smaller options on this list or even the RM-4 or RM-3 in the Monster series.

When purchasing your RM-6, you get to configure a number of features:

  • Hardware Finish (Zinc or Matte)

  • Pull-Up Bar ( Single Or Multi-Grip)

  • Rear Crossmember (Beam or Name Plate)

  • Color (Multiple Options)

One of the few downsides of this rack is that the 49″ rack width can make it harder to rack and unrack the barbell, especially if you use specialty bars. No this is not a major issue but it was one of the primary reasons why the RM-6 did not take the top spot on this list. At 47″, the REP PR-5000 is just a little easier to use.

Like most other Rogue products, the RM-6 is beefy and built to last with the 3×3 11-gauge steel design. You can either get the holes in 1″ or 2″ spacing, the 1″ option would allow for more versatility and attachments so that is what we recommend.

rogue rm-6 best premium squat rack

A unique feature of Monster racks is the keyhole design on the side upright holes. Rogue sells many attachments for this hole design and many other companies have begun to adopt the keyhole design as well.

In terms of attachments, Rogue Fitness has one of the most comprehensive line-ups on the market. You can get everything from cable systems to lever arms directly from Rogue. Personally, I think that Rogue has the most high-quality attachments but thanks to the specs of this rack, most attachments from other companies like REP or Titan would still work.

Overall, the Rogue RM-6 is certainly a premium option. However, if you can afford it, it is hard to beat the build quality and customer experience you get from Rogue.


  • Heavy-duty steel and build quality
  • Very customizable
  • Includes 8 storage posts standard
  • Numerous attachment options


  • 49″ upright width can make it hard to rack and unrack the bar
  • Expensive

REP PR-1100: Best Budget Squat Rack

Budget Pick
REP PR-1100

Despite being our budget pick, the REP PR-1100 still boast plenty of great features and attachment compatibility. New gym owners cannot go wrong with this rack.

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  • Price: $379.99 w/ Free Shipping
  • Tube Size: 2×2
  • Hardware Size: 1″
  • Hole Spacing: 3″
  • Dimensions: 48″ Long x 58″ Wide
  • Height: 82″ or 84″
  • Numbered Uprights: Yes
  • Color: Multiple
  • Made in: China


Even though the PR-1100 is REP’s cheapest rack, it still has plenty of features and provides plenty of value to anyone starting a home gym. With numerous attachments and color options along with a price under $400, it is hard to beat this rack if you are on a budget.

The PR-1100 is built with 2×2 14-gauge steel and has a weight capacity of 700lbs. Thanks to the flat food design of this rack, you do not have to worry about bolting this rack down.

However, since this is a lighter rack you may notice some sway or movement if you are using heavier weights. This is nothing to concerned about as the rack is still safe, but is something you should be aware of if you getting a budget squat rack. On the plus side, if add weight plate storage or the lat pull down/row attachment, the stability of this rack increase significantly.

The PR-1000 uses 1″ inch holes that are spaced 3″ apart. The large space between holes is not uncommon among budget squat racks but this combined with the 2×2 uprights means that your attachment options will be limited. That being said, REP already has you covered for most needs with the lat attachment, weight storage, dip bars, and landmine if you choose to get them.

best budget squat rack re pr-1100

The safeties on this rack are just your basic safety pins. However, one cool feature is that they extend out a few extra inches meaning that they can be as a J-cup. The dip station also attaches to the extra portion of the safety pins.

Where this rack really shines is its compactness. With dimensions of 58″ wide by 48″ long, it will fit most home gym spaces with relative ease. If I was in an apartment or tight for space, I would l just get the PR-1100 with a few attachments and be good to go.

Another benefit that I did not expect at this low price point is the multi-grip bars. Most budget racks only come with a single pull-up bar so this is a major benefit.

Overall, the low price and features make the PR-1100 the best budget squat rack out there for most people.


  • Very affordable at under $400 with free shipping
  • Good attachment options from REP including pulldown/row
  • Multiple color options
  • Multi-grip pull up bar
  • No need to be bolted down


  • 2×2 size limits attachment compatibility with other attachments
  • Sways when used with very heavy weights
  • 3″ hole spacing

Rogue RML-3WC: Best Wall Mounted Squat Rack

Best Wall Mounted Squat Rack
Rogue RML-3WC

The Rogue RML-3WC is the perfect choice for those looking for a wall mounted squat rack. When folded, the RML-3WC sticks just 5 inches off the wall.

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  • Price: $630-$805
  • Tube Size: 3×3 11-Gauge
  • Hole Size: 5/8″
  • Hole Spacing: Westside
  • Folded Dimensions: 56″ x 5″ Deep
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 56″ Wide (on wall) x 9″, 21.5″, or 41.5″ Deep
  • Height: 90.375″
  • Numbered Uprights: No
  • Includes Pull-Up Bar: Yes
  • Color: Multiple
  • Made in: USA.


Wall-mounted squat racks are great option for those with limited space. By using your wall for support, you can drastically cut down on the footprint of your squat rack. As far as wall-mounted squat racks go, the best option by far on the market is the Rogue RML-3WC.

As you would expect from Rogue, the RML-3WC boasts excellent build quality with 3×3 ll-gauge steel providing a 1000+ lb weight capacity. Like all other racks in the Monster Lite lineup, this rack has 5/8 hardware and Westside hole spacing. Since this a common configuration, the rack will be compatible with several power rack attachments from other companies. That being said, Rogue already has one of the deepest attachment lineups in the industry.

Another benefit of the RML-3WC is that it saves additional space by folding into a very compact depth of only 5″ from the wall. This if perfect for people who want to mount this in their garage but still park their car inside when needed.

Depending on your space limitations, Rogue allows you to choose between depth options of 9″, 21.5″, or 41.5″. Personally I would opt for the 21.5″ options so that you still get the compact design while still having plenty of room to lift.

best wall mounted squat rack rogue-3wc

It will depend on you to install your RML-3WC, but you may need up to 59″ of wall space. Rogue sells a separate stringer which comes with all the needed mounting hardware. I would recommend getting the stringer because it greatly increases the stability while also giving the rack a cool look. Lastly, you can get the RML-3WC in multiple color options as well.

Overall, the RML-3WC is a great option if you are limited on space. The foldable design and affordable price make it a great choice for garage gym owners.


  • Great build quality with 3×3 11 gauge steel
  • High weight capacity at over 1000 lbs
  • Foldable into a very compact footprint (5″)
  • Westside hole spacing
  • Numerous attachment options
  • Multiple color options


  • Stringer is sold separate
  • The hinge system means this rack is more time-consuming to fold

Titan T-3 Series Folding Power Rack: Best Foldable Squat Rack

Titan T-3 Series Folding Power Rack

The Titan T-3 foldable rack is the best priced folding squat rack on the market. Despite the affordable price, the T-3 still has plenty of attachment options and can hold 1000 lbs+.

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  • Price: $360-$489
  • Tube Size: 2×3 11-Gauge
  • Hole Size: 11/16″
  • Hole Spacing: Westside
  • Folded Dimensions: 50″ x 5″ Deep
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 50″ Wide (on wall) x 21.5″, or 41.5″ Deep
  • Height: 82″ or 91″
  • Numbered Uprights: No
  • Includes Pull-Up Bar: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Made in: China.


If you are looking for a solid foldable squat rack to save space, the Titan T-3 Series Folding Power Rack is an excellent option. As things stand this rack is the best priced folding rack on the market.

In terms of build quality, this T-3 racks has is made of 2×3 11-gauge steel and has a weight capacity over 1000 lbs. These specs combined with the Westside hole spacing mean that you will have plenty of attachment options from both Titan and other manufacturers. When folded, the rack sticks out just 5″ from the wall.

best foldable squat rack titan t-3 foldable rack

Titan has historically had problems with their build quality and customer service. However, I think that many of these issues have been improved over the past few years. In our experience, this rack seemed just as capable as some of the other folding racks we tried even though the Titan costs a fraction of the price.

Overall, the T-3 folding rack is an excellent option if you are on a budget but still want a quality, compact rack.


  • Very affordable at under $500
  • Free shipping
  • Westside hole spacing
  • When folded is very compact at only 5″ from the wall


  • Only 1-year warranty
  • Titan has had issues with customer services and shipping in the past

Rogue Monster Lite Half Rack: Best Half Rack

Best Half Rack
Rogue Monster Lite Half Rack

As part of the Monster Line, the Rogue Monster Lite Half still has many of the same premium features as other Rogue racks in a more compact and afforadble design.

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  • Price: $1,410
  • Tube Size: 3×3 11-Gauge
  • Hardware Size: 5/8″
  • Hole Spacing: Westside (1″) through bench zone and 2″ above
  • Dimensions55″ or 62″ long x 53″ wide
  • Height: 90.375″
  • Numbered Uprights: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Made in: USA


The Rogue Monster Lite Half Rack is a recent addition to Rogue’s Monster lineup but has many of the quality features you would expect including Westside hole spacing, 3×3 uprights, and a number of compatible attachments.

The main advantage of a half rack is that you get the added benefit of plate storage while still maintaining an overall compact design. Thanks to the front foot extensions, you will also not have to bolt the rack down in most cases.

Like other Monster Lite racks from Rogue, this half rack is built with 3×3 uprights and 5/8″ holes. Since these are very common specs, you can take advantage of attachment options from Rogue and other companies as well. Monster Lite racks also have the benefit of Westside hole spacing through the bench zone and laser cut numbers for the holes.

rogue monster lite half rack best half rack

You can either get the Monster Lite Half Rack with a 17″ or 24″ depth. I would personally recommend going with the 17″ option for space-saving reasons. You do not really get any benefit from the 24″ option despite the larger space demands.

This rack comes standard with weight storage pegs, a pull up bar, J cups, band pegs, and front foot extensions. While this rack looks amazing as is, I would have liked to see more color options like with some of the Monster racks.

Overall, if you are looking for a half rack design, the Monster Lite Half Rack gets you that compact design while still allowing for weight storage and attachment options.


  • Weight plate storage comes standard
  • Numerous attachment options
  • Does not need to be bolted down
  • Westside hole spacing


  • No color options
  • Limited side holes which limit attachment choices

Rogue SML-2C: Best Squat Stand

Best Squat Stand
Rogue SML-2C Squat Stand

The Rogue SML-2C is a compact squat stand that still boasts Weside hole spacing and plenty of attachment compatibility.

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  • Price: Starting at $545
  • Tube Size: 3×3
  • Hardware Size: 5/8″
  • Hole Spacing: Westside (1″) through bench zone and 2″ above
  • Dimensions: 48″ Long x 49″ Wide
  • Height: 92″
  • Numbered Uprights: Optional
  • Color: Multiple
  • Made in: USA


If you are just looking for the basics, a solid squat stand can be a good way to save on both money and space. For the money, we picked the Rogue SML-2C as the best squat stand on the market thanks to the great features and affordable price.

The SML-2C is only 48″ long by 49″ making it a great options for those with space constraints. As you would expect, this squat stand includes a flat foot base so that bolting it to the ground is not required. However, if you really want the extra stability you can purchase a floor mounting attachment separate.

Like other Monster Lite racks we have discussed, the SML-2C is built with 3×3 steel and uses 5/8″ holes. The holes through the bench zone using Westside hole spacing with rest using 2″ spacing. For an additional $50, you can get your rack with laser cut numbers. Personally, I think it is worth it for the added convenience.

rogue sml-2C best squat stand

The SML-2C comes standard with a pull up bar. You can either fer a standard pull up bar or a fat skinny pull up bar. With max height of 80″ and above, most people should have no problem getting a full range of motion on their pull ups.

You can get this rack in 11 different color options which allows for pretty cool customization. However, regardless of which color you get , the base will always be black.

Overall, at under $600, the SML-2C is one of the more affordable squat stands on the market that still features premium features like 3×3 uprights and Westside hole spacing. With the added benefit of Rogue quality and customer service, the SML-2C is hard to beat.


  • No need to be bolted down
  • Pull up bar included
  • Numerous attachment options
  • Westside hole spacing
  • High weight capacity 1,000 lbs+


  • Squat stand design means attachment options will be more limited
  • Spotter arms are not included

Bells Of Steel Hydra Rack: Best Squat Rack With Pull Up Bar

Best Squat Rack With Pull Up Bar
Bells Of Steel Hydra Rack

The Bells Of Steel Hydra rack provides incredible levels of customization. With dozens of options for every features, you will truly get a custom squat rack built for your needs.

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  • Price: Starting at $499
  • Tube Size: 3×3
  • Hardware Size: 5/8″
  • Hole Spacing: Westside (1″) through bench zone and 2″ above
  • Dimensions: 49″ Wide, Depth Options Of 35″, 41″, 49″
  • Height: 72″, 84″, or 90″
  • Numbered Uprights: Yes
  • Color: Multiple
  • Made in: China


For a truly customizable rack where you can pick everything, including the pull up bar, the Bells Of Steel Hydra Rack is where you should be looking first.

Similar to other companies, like REP, Bells of Steel uses an interactive squat rack builder where you can pick every piece of rack and see exactly how it is looking with the generated design. With the Hydra builder, you have a number of options:

  • Rack Styles (4 Post, 6 Post, Folding, Half Rack, etc)

  • Height (72″, 84″, or 90″)

  • Pull Up Bar (Straight, Adjustable, Double, Multi-grip, Globe)
  • Back Crossmember (Beam or another pull up bar)
  • Safeties (Arms, Pins, or Straps)

  • J-Cups (Roller, Sandwhich, Standard)

Aside from the numerous configurations, what comes standard on the Hydra rack is 3×3 11 gauge steel along with 5/8″ holes. In the world of squat racks, this may as well be the gold standard due to the build quality and attachment compatibility provided.

bells of steel hyrda rack best squat rack with pull up bar

However, just be aware that the more options you add, the more the cost of the rack will be driven up.

Overall, if you are looking for a highly customizable squat rack with several attachment and pull up bar options, the Hydra series by Bells Of Steel is where you should be looking first.


  • Highly customizable
  • Great build quality
  • Free shipping
  • Multiple pull up bars available


  • Add-ons can quickly increase price
  • Harder assembly than most squat racks

Fitness Reality Power Rack: Best Squat Rack On Amazon

Best Squat Rack On Amazon
Fitness Reality Power Rack

The Fitness Reality Power Rack provides great value by offering a decent squat rack at a very low price. You can also get the lat pull down and row add-on for more versatility.

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02/18/2024 02:54 am GMT


  • Price: $300
  • Tube Size: 2×2
  • Hardware Size: 5/8″
  • Hole Spacing: 2″
  • Dimensions: 50″ Long x 46.5″ Wide
  • Height: 83.5″
  • Numbered Uprights: No
  • Color: Grey
  • Made in: China


We understand why several people shop for their home gym on Amazon. After all the free and fast shipping combined with no-hassle returns usually provides a great experience for most users. Out of all the squat racks on Amazon, we selected the Fitness Reality Power Rack as the best squat rack on Amazon for the money.

Now to put it simply, this is a no frills squat rack. You get little to no customization but what you do get is a fully functional squat rack for $300. On top of that, you can easily enhance the versatility of this squat rack by adding on the lat pull down/ row attachment for an additional $200.

fitness reality power rack best squat rack on amazon

For that price, you are actually getting a very nice piece of equipment that will serve and home gym just fine.

Personally, I think that other brands like Titan or Rep can also offer great options, but if you want to keep thing simple then the Fitness Reality Power Rack is easily the best choice on Amazon.


  • Easy Amazon shipping and returns
  • Great value at $300
  • Pulldown attachment can easily be added
  • Includes pull up bar


  • 2×2 uprights limit attachment options
  • Rack can sway or shake with heavier weights

Titan T-3 Power Rack: Best Squat Rack For Beginners

Best Squat Rack For Beginners
Titan T-3 Power Rack

The Titan T-3 Power Rack is a great options for new home gym owners that still want a very capable and affordable squat rack.

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  • Price: Starting at $500 (Free Shipping)
  • Tube Size: 2×3
  • Hardware Size: 11/16″
  • Hole Spacing: Westside
  • Footprint: 32.75″ or 44.75″ Long x 54″ Wide
  • Height: 82″ or 91″
  • Numbered Uprights: No
  • Color: Black
  • Made in: China


If you are just starting out in your lifting or home gym journey, a solid power rack that you can grow into is the Titan T-3 Power Rack. This rack is well-built, affordable, and versatile squat rack. Even if you are not a beginner, the Titan T-3 Power Rack can still provide tremendous value for your home gym.

The T-3 is constructed with 2×3 11-gauge steel has a smaller footprint at with depth options of 24″ and 36″ and height options of 82″ or 91″. Unless you are very tight on space, I would opt for the larger 36″ and 91″ options. The added will makes things feel less cramped and allow for more attachment options down the line.

Since this rack is actually fairly tall while having a minimal footprint, I would personally suggest that you bolt this rack down to the floor. This is a small risk, but something to consider if you plan on using heavier weights.

titan t-3 power rack best squat rack for beginners

The T-3 uses 11/16″ holes which are only slightly larger than the 5/8″ holes used on most racks and attachments that are made in America. Since these holes are slightly lager, most American made attachments by companies like Rogue will still work just fine on this rack. That being said, Titan provides many of great attachments that are made especially for the T-3 Power Rack.

With prices starting at just $500 including shipping, the T-3 Power Rack provides some great value to home gym owners. Even if you think this rack is more than you need, understand that with the T-3 you get the option of making small upgrades over time with small attachment purchases.


  • Multiple height and depth options
  • Westside hole spacing
  • Numerous attachment options
  • Affordable prices at $500 shipped


  • Will likely need to be bolted down
  • Some American attachments may not fit properly
  • No color options

Rogue Combo Rack: Best Squat Rack For Powerlifters

Best Squat Rack For Powerlifters
Rogue Combo Rack

The Rogue Combo Rack is the perfect squat for those that are serious about powerlifting. With easy adjustments and IPF approval, it is what you need as a powerlifter.

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  • Price: $2,950
  • Tube Size: 3×3 7-Gauge
  • Hole Spacing: 1″
  • Dimensions: 60″ Long x 80″ Wide
  • Height: 29″-68″
  • Numbered Uprights: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Made in: USA


If you are a serious powerlifter, than there is not better way prepare for competition than using an actual powerlifting combo rack. The Rogue Combo Rack is IPF approved and has received high levels of praise despite being significantly cheaper than its competition.

Aside from recreating the competition environment, the biggest benefit of a combo rack is how quickly you can switch between bench and squatting set ups. These quick adjustments are made possible thanks to the jack system, meaning that you do not even have to unrack your barbell.

rogue combo rack best squat rack for powerlifters

That being said, most people would still be better served by a regular power rack unless they are dedicated powerlifters. The Rogue Combo Rack takes up lots of room thanks to its 80″ width and does not provide nearly as much versatility as a run of the mill squat rack. The combo rack is really only made with squats and bench presses in mind.


  • Jack systems allow for quick and easy adjustments
  • Bench can be added or removed easily
  • IPF approved
  • Angle feet and uprights for more versatility


  • Takes up more space than other squat racks
  • Less versatile, only made for squatting and benching

Types Of Squat Racks

types of squat racks

Squat racks comes in many different types of styles and configurations that you should be aware of. Here are the main types:

Power Racks

Power racks are the most common type of squat racks on the market. Depending on which you get, they can vary a lot in terms of size and price. However, power racks typically will be the best options for most people thanks to the versatility.

Most power racks come complete with weight plate storage, a pull up bar, and are compatible with a number of other attachments as well.

If you have the space and budget, you should be looking at power racks as your first option for you home gym.

Half Racks

Half racks are similar to power racks except they are smaller. Usually, half racks are not mean to be lifted inside like a power rack is. Instead the extra posts are simply there for added stability and added weight plate storage.

These typically are cheaper than power racks while stilling being compatible with many attachments. For those that do not quite have the space for a power rack, a quality half rack is an excellent option.

Wall Mounted Racks & Folding Racks

In recent years, wall mounted squat racks and folding racks have become very popular in the home gym community. In particular, they are very useful for those with a garage gym that still need to park their car there from time to time.

The main benefit to these is that they save lots of space by using your wall for added stability. Usually, these are price around the same as half racks.

You can still get and use many of the same attachments, but the set-up process may be a pain if you are constantly having to fold and unfold your rack.

Squat Stands

Squat stands are generally seen as the bare bones option in terms of squat racks. That being said, you can still do most exercises with just a squat stand. They are made of a large base for stability and two uprights. With some including a pull up bar and others not.

The main reason people get squat stands are the fact that they tend to be both cheaper and smaller than other options. That being said, stands are very limited in terms of their versatility.

If you plan on using attachments as part of your home gym setup, you should instead look at a power rack or half rack.

Combo Racks

Combo racks are racks designed specifically for powerlifting purposes. The biggest benefit of these racks is that they are very easy to adjust without needing to remove the barbell or weight.

However, since these are very niche product they can be quite expensive. Unless you are a serious powerlifter, combo racks are likely not worth the money.

All-In-One Squat Racks

All-In-One Squat Racks can be thought of as the Swiss army knifes of the home gym world. These rigs typically include a rack, cable machine, and a smith machine as well.

If you are truly looking for the most versatile rack, than you will want to look for an All-In-One option. That being said, just know that these type of squat racks can get very expensive due to the number of features they provide.

How Did We Rank And Compare These Squat Racks

squat rack ranking factors

With so many squat racks on the market all claiming to be the best of the best, the team here at FitDominum laid out some clear criteria that we would use to pick the best squat rack on the market:


For most people, one of the biggest limitations that they have to work with is space. To start out, I would suggest measuring our the dedicated space you have for you rack picking your desired squat rack dimensions from there.

The good news is that there is a squat rack out for everyone. You can get everything from foldable racks to gigantic 8-post racks that take up half a room. That means that even if you are in apartment or only have half a garage to spare, you should still be able to get a squat rack.Also take into consideration, the height of the room and the clearance you need to do movements like pull-ups.

Tube Size

Tube size refers to the dimensions of the uprights . It is an important squat rack factor that determines weight capacity, stability, and attachment compatibility. Most squat racks will have tube sizes that are 2×3 and 3×3 built with 11-gauge steel. Racks with these specs and easily hold over 1,000 lbs.

Since these are the most common sizes, it also means that most attachments on the market are designed for these specs. So for our purposes, we preferred racks with one of these tube sizes due to the added strength and versatility benefits.

Hole Size

Hole or hardware size is another important factor for attachment compatibility. The most common sizes are 5/8″, 1″, and 3/4″ in some cases. From a functional and structural point of view, any of these options will work just fine.

That being said, you should take into consideration that the standard for squats racks is quickly becoming 3×3 with 1″ holes. So while other hole sizes still provide plenty of attachment options, racks with 1″ holes are preferable.

Hole Spacing

Aside from their size, the spacing between holes also matters. Consider that racks with smaller hole spacing allow for more versatility as you have more control over how you set up your barbell.

The standard spacing has typically been 2″. This works fine for most people, but if you want the best options, you should get a rack with Westside hole spacing.

Racks with Westside hole spacing have only 1″ between holes and allow for the most versatility.

Included Safety Options

Power racks provide the most safety options as you stick the safety mechanisms in between the posts. But, all squat racks will include some sort of safety measure whether it be pins, arms, or straps.

I recommend upgrading to safety arms or straps as they provide the most versatility and protect you equipment as well.

Weight Capacity

Even if you get a budget rack, most will still be able to hold whatever you throw at it. However, I would personally not get a squat rack that has a listed weight capacity less than 700 pounds.

Once you start getting into more premium options, anything that does not hold 1,000 lbs + is not up to the standard that you would expect at higher price points.


Squat rack stability refers to the movement during use of a rack as well as whether or not the rack needs to be bolted down.

Typically, flat foot racks, six post power racks, squat stands, and half racks do not need to be bolted down. These are often stable enough on their own especially if you add weight plate storage to them.

A four post power rack on the other hand, will typically need to be bolted down. Regardless of the rack you get, you should always check to see what the manufacturer recommends.

Also, it should be noted that cheaper racks tend to sway or move more during use. While more premium tend to feel more solid.

Attachment Compatibility

In the home gym world, the name of the game is getting the most amount of versatility in the least amount of space. For most home gym owners, one of the easiest ways to accomplish this goal is via squat rack attachments. However, not all attachments are compatible with all racks.

Racks that are 2×3 or 3×3 and have 5/8″ or 1″ holes will provide the most options when it comes to attachments.


Few pieces of gym equipment range as much in price as squat racks do. You can get a basic squat rack for under $300 while more premium options can easily cost over $3,000.

In our assessment of squat racks, we were looking for racks that provided the best value for the price. In our opinion, the best power rack would be one that provided the most features at an affordable price.


Are cheap squat racks good?

Even cheap squat racks will still be able to handle plenty of weight. That being said, you should probably look for one that can hold 700 pounds at least.

How much does a decent squat rack cost?

Squats racks can vary heavily in terms of price depending on which you get. Here are general ranges for getting a quality rack based on the type you are looking for:
Power Rack: $400-$1,400
Half Rack: $300-$1,500
Wall-Mounted/Folding Rack: $400-$1,400
Squat Stand: $200-$800
Combo Rack: $900-$3,500
All-in-One Trainer: $2,000-$6,00

Is it worth getting a squat rack at home?

If you are starting a home gym, a squat rack should be one of the first things you get. With just a basic rack, barbell, and plates you can do most exercises and rapidly progress. On top of that, squat racks have the added benefit of allowing to use attachments which will only increase the versatility of your home gym.

Which exercises can I do with a power rack?

With just a power and a barbell, you should be able to do most exercises. The most common power rack exercises include the squat, bench, row, and overhead press.

Final Verdict

In our opinion, the REP PR-5000 is the best squat rack overall for most people. It provides high levels of customization, great build quality, and an affordable price.

If you want something more, we selected the Rogue RM-6 as our best squat rack for those that wanted a more premium look and feel.

If you are on a tighter budget, or just looking for a smaller rack, the REP PR-1100 or Titan T-3 Power Rack are the best squat rack for those on a budget.

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