DIY Barbell Storage Best 8 Ideas

Written by Daniel Mesa
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If you are a home gym owner, you will inevitability run into space and organization issues. If you are like me and have lots of different specialty bars, then getting some basic barbell storage goes a long way toward making things look nicer.

Unlike other areas of your gym, this is an area where you really do not have to spend lots of money to get a solid barbell storage rack. Better yet, you can easily build your own barbell holder. Here are some DIY barbell holder designs to get you started.

Designs and Ideas

1. Concrete Block

For this design, all you will need is a concrete block, concrete mix, and some PVC pipe. All you have to do cut the PVC pipe into 4 pieces and place them inn the block.

After that, you just fill the empty space with concrete mix and let it dry for few areas. I like this option because it is very cheap ($25) and very compact.

2. Wood Grid

wood grid diy barbell holder

This design is very simple and only requires some 2x4s along with screws. To do this one, you are going to want to screw 4 2x4s to the wall evenly spaced.

From there you can place smaller wooden blocks on top of your grid to accommodate a variety of bars.

The cool thing about this design is that you can configure it to hold a ton of different types of bars. If you have some different barbells or EZ bars, I would recommend trying this design out.

3. Wooden Barbell Storage Platform

wooden diy platform

This is another very easy design. All you have to is cut some 2 inch holes in a 2×4 and bolt it to the ground. Next, you want to place another 2×4 where the top of the bars are.

The upper section should have some spacers and rope to ensure that the barbells do not fall over.

4. Cheap Vertical Barbell Holder

For this project, you are going to be making your own hook to hold the barbell up vertically.

I strongly recommend this design if you only have one barbell or are just looking for a simple and cheap option.

5. Vertical Hanging Barbell Rack

This is a very nice option since it stores so many barbells. However, the design and preparation can be a bit intensive. I would not recommend this one if you have never done any DIY projects before.

6. Free Standing Barbell Rack

If you are apprehensive about drilling holes into your wall, that is perfectly understandable. This standing rack can support the weight of the barbells on its own without the need for wall damage.

7. Horizontal Wooden Rack

Another great option if you want to store your barbells vertically.

8. Roof Barbell Storage Rack

roof barbell storage

If you are extra short on space, this roof-mounted barbell rack is your best bet. Read the full guide here.


If you are lacking space or just want to save a bit of money, there are plenty of DIY barbell storage options to advantage of.

Home gym owners already have to spend lots of cash on gym equipment, no need to add a barbell storage rack to that list!

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What are barbell holders called?

They are usually referred to as barbell racks.

Where should you store a barbell at home?

You should be storing your barbell indoors away from direct sunlight and humid conditions. A barbell rack is used to store barbells.

How do you store barbells in a garage?

The easiest way is to build your own rack to suit your space constraints. You can build a rack on your wall or roof if you need to.

How do you store barbell weights at home?

The easiest way to store barbells is with a rack. Whether you get or build a rack that holds the bar horizontally or vertically depends on your space needs and preferences.

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