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With honesty and transparency as our guiding principles, we created Fit Dominium. Our objective has always been to deliver genuine content that will assist you in making judgments about your fitness requirements.

We constantly work to produce informative and interesting material. We regularly test fitness items in-depth utilizing sophisticated procedures. In order to maintain correct pricing, specifications, rankings, and more, we also regularly update our articles.

Providing dependable content is our obsession.

Since the foundation of our material is your trust, we want to be entirely transparent about how we monetize and manage our website.

Companies will never be able to influence how we rate the articles in our roundup because we don’t take money in exchange for good evaluations. Putting the reader first is our main priority at all times. Here is a list of the things we never do:

  • Never do we take payment for product reviews.
  • We never take payment to move a product up the rankings.
  • We never take money to overlook a product’s defects or shortcomings.
  • We never use the funding to influence our study or testing.

Our Company Model

So, how can we generate revenue? For introducing consumers to our partners, Fit Dominium is compensated. Additionally known as affiliate commissions, these are. If you make a purchase using one of our links, we might get paid.

You won’t pay anything extra for this, and it enables us to keep running the website and provide free materials.

Additionally, we take part in the Associate’s Program run by Amazon Services LLC. Fit Dominium receives compensation on qualifying purchases as an Amazon Associate. Once more, you are not charged extra for this.

Some businesses occasionally offer us free things to review. This in no way ensures a review will be written, nor does it affect whether it will be favorable.

Since we sincerely think that sincere reviews serve both businesses and customers, we consistently provide both advantages and disadvantages.

Why are we disclosing all of this to you? Our goal is to be the most educated, trustworthy, and reputable online source for gym equipment, and that trust starts right now, on this page.