Why are we here?

FitDomnium started in 2022, due to the flood of low-quality information that flooded the fitness space over the past couple of years. Don’t get us wrong, we love that more people began to take their health more seriously during the COVID pandemic. Still, the reality is that with this fitness boom finding quality information on exercise and equipment is getting harder and harder to come by. At certain points with TikTok and everybody deciding to become a fitness influencer after benching 135, it really felt like it was the blind leading the blind. Thankfully, FitDomnium was founded to provide the clearest, updated information out there. Our primary readers our individuals looking to get started with a home gym or general fitness advice.

Here at FitDomnium, the team comprises a healthy mix of avid gym enthusiasts and trained professionals. The goal when assembling the team was to bring a degree of technical, and scientific knowledge combined with the experience of everyday people just trying to stay in shape.

Meet the Team

Daniel Mesa is the founder and CEO of FitDomnium. An avid fitness enthusiast, Daniel enjoys weightlifting and rock climbing.

Pallini Winnifred works alongside Isabella Bazzaro to deliver the best information when it comes to everything related to diet. As a registered RDN, she lots of experience in the field.

Next, we have Isabella Bazzaro. She is also an RDN but has passions besides food and diet. As a surfer, hiker, and rock climber, Isabella is a big believer that fitness can be best accomplished outdoors. Isabella helps keep us up to date on the current diet trends in fitness.

Maria Restrepo is a NASM-certified personal trainer. She works mostly with our content writers to deliver accurate and digestible exercise guides.