Angela Mejia, RDN


Angela Mejia, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), is a trusted and respected figure in the realm of nutrition and dietetics. With a diverse professional background and a passion for educating people about food’s impact on health, she brings an unrivaled level of expertise and credibility to the table.

Raised in Austin, Texas, Angela developed an early interest in the relationship between food, culture, and health, due in part to the rich culinary traditions of her home state. This interest later blossomed into a career path when she pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Texas at Austin. Keen to further deepen her knowledge, Angela then moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where she earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from Boston University.

Upon completion of her Master’s degree and rigorous dietetic internship, Angela passed her credentialing examination, earning the title of Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Over the years, she has gained experience in a variety of settings, including hospitals where she provided clinical nutritional therapy, public health departments where she spearheaded nutrition education programs, and corporations where she offered wellness consulting services.

After several years of practicing in Massachusetts, Angela made the decision to return to her Texan roots. She established a private nutrition counseling practice in Dallas, where she continues to provide evidence-based, personalized nutrition counseling. Her clientele includes athletes, individuals with specific medical conditions, and those seeking to optimize their health through diet.

Currently, Angela is a key contributor at FitDominium, where she uses her extensive academic background and practical experience to provide reliable, evidence-based nutritional information. She creates comprehensive nutrition guides, reviews diet plans, and helps debunk prevalent nutrition myths. Her approach to nutrition is holistic and tailored to the individual, considering not just the nutritional aspects of food but also lifestyle, personal preferences, and cultural influences.

Her formidable credentials, diverse experience, and commitment to providing scientifically accurate nutritional information make Angela an invaluable asset to our team at FitDominium. We have absolute confidence in her ability to guide our readers towards healthier eating habits and a deeper understanding of the role nutrition plays in overall fitness and health.