Rogue Plate Carrier Review

Quick Overview The Rogue Plate Carrier is an American-made weight vest of exceptional quality and compact style. This vest’s weight capacity of 40 pounds makes it a fantastic option for any kind of workout, from weightlifting to conditioning. It has a solid reputation and comes at a reasonable price. Having extensively tried and tested various … Read more

Bowflex 552 vs 1090: Best One For Home Gym

bowflex 552 vs 1090

Are you ready to make your home workouts more effective while keeping things simple and saving space? There are a lot of great movable dumbbells out there, and Bowflex has not one but two of them. These aren’t your typical dumbbells; they look like weights from the future and make a lot of noise in … Read more

Infinity Hoop Review

Surely losing weight with just a hula hoop must be too good to be true right? At least that is the impression I am sure you get after watching all those viral Tiktok of the Infinity Hoop. As a personal trainer constantly looking for new ways for my clients to stay in shape, I had … Read more

Hustle Drops Review

Over the past few weeks, Hustle Drops have been blowing up all over TikTok. With crazy reactions to the product all across the internet, I had to see for myself if the Hustle Drops really lived up to the hype.  Having tried them now for a few weeks, I can assure you that these drops … Read more

Peloton Weights Review

peloton weights review

Quick Overview The Peloton weights are a premium, aesthetic dumbbell option perfect for those that are already integrated into the Peloton ecosystem. As someone who usually deals in the world of REP and Rogue, I was skeptical at first when the Peloton dumbbells came out. However, since my wife loves her Peloton and all the … Read more

Westside Scout Hyper Review

westside scout hyper review

Quick Overview The Westside Scout Hyper by Rogue is an excellent piece of equipment that allows you to bulletproof with the same techniques used by the pros at Westside Barbell. With our thorough Westside Scout Hyper review, you can step into the world of strong back training. Here, we tell you everything you need to … Read more

Inspire Functional Trainer Review

inspire functional trainer review

Quick Overview The catalog of functional trainers provided by Inspire Fitness will fit the needs of any home gym owner. Whether you are looking for a functional trainer with a Smith machine or a more compact option, Inpsire will have you covered. Aside from the usual suspects like REP Fitness or Titan, often overlooked functional … Read more

Bells Of Steel Functional Trainer Review

bells of steel functional trainer review

Quick Overview The Bells of Steel Functional Trainer is a high-quality and versatile piece of gym equipment designed to provide a wide range of exercises for strength training and functional fitness. With its sturdy build, smooth pulley system, and various attachments, it offers an effective and efficient workout experience. The Bells Of Steel Functional Trainer … Read more

ATG Programs Review

atg programs review

Quick Overview The ATG Online Coaching Programs provide value for any fitness goal. Especially for those looking to improve their athletic performance or longevity. In the ever-evolving realm of fitness, a groundbreaking approach has emerged, capturing the attention of athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Welcome to the world of ATG programs, guided by the expertise … Read more

Rep Fitness FT5000 2.0 Review

rep ft5000 functional trainer review

Quick Overview The REP Fitness Functional Trainer 2.0 is a solid improvement on the previous iteration and an easy recommendation for home gym owners. In the realm of fitness training equipment, the Rep Fitness FT5000 2.0 functional trainer is an option that merits attention. Through extensive testing, it has proven to be a device that … Read more