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Daniel Mesa

Infinity Hoop Review

infinity hoop review

Surely losing weight with just a hula hoop must be too good to be true right? At least that is the impression I am sure you get after watching all those viral Tiktok of the Infinity Hoop. As a personal trainer constantly looking for new ways for my clients to stay in shape, I had to order the Tiktok hula hoop for myself to see what the hype was all about. 

Having used it on both myself and clients over the past few weeks, I am happy to say the Infinity Hoop can be an excellent piece of workout equipment if used in a proper routine. Let’s break everything down in our full Infinity Hoop review. 

Infinity Hoop

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Quick Overview: Infinity Hoop Reviews

Using a hula hoop for exercise is not exactly a new concept. I am sure that everyone can recall doing it as a kid in the park or at PE and realizing that it can actually work up a sweat. However, what makes the Infinity Hoop special is that it is adjustable in size and that it comes with additional resistance.

Meaning that you adjust it to fit your body as needed and add/remove weight to customize your workout. Tiktok popularity combined with an understandable apprehension of going to a public gym, has made this product an overnight success. 

What’s Included With The Infinity Hoop?

On the best value package, you get this with your Infinity Hoop:

  • Infinity Hoop
  • Free Waist Trimmer
  • Slimming Tea
  • Fat Burning Supplement


  • Easy form of exercise that can be done from home
  • Low impact on joints
  • Great way to burn calories and lose fat
  • Affordably priced
  • Adjustable in size
  • Endless amounts of fun routines


  • Not the best for building muscle

Is The Infinity Hoop Worth It?

Absolutely, the Infinity Hoop is worth considering for those seeking a fun, low-impact, and versatile workout tool. Incorporating this hoop into a well-rounded fitness routine can provide cardiovascular benefits, aid in weight loss, and introduce a delightful variety to exercise sessions. The adjustable size and customizable resistance allow users to tailor workouts to their individual needs, making it a suitable option for various fitness levels.

  • Individuals Seeking Fun Workouts: The Infinity Hoop introduces an enjoyable and engaging way to exercise, making fitness feel less like a chore.
  • People Looking for Low-Impact Exercise: Its nature offers a workout that is easy on the joints, ideal for those with sensitivities or pre-existing conditions.
  • Weight Loss Enthusiasts: Coupled with a balanced diet and routine, it can aid in burning calories and shedding excess weight.
  • Users of All Fitness Levels: The adjustability and customizability of the hoop make it accessible and beneficial for beginners to advanced users.
  • Muscle Building Focus: Individuals primarily seeking muscle gain might find the hoop less beneficial as it’s not optimized for building muscle.
  • Those Seeking High-Intensity Workouts: While it offers a good workout, it might not meet the intensity level of more vigorous exercise forms like HIIT or weightlifting.

Using The Infinity Hoop: Our Experience

Alright, so using the Infinity Hoop was honestly such a breeze! I could whip it out anytime, whether it was early in the morning or late at night, and it just fit so easily into my day. Super convenient!

My clients? They loved it! The adjustable size was a game changer for them. They could actually see their waists getting smaller as they removed the links. It was like a little victory every time they had to adjust it smaller, really kept the motivation up!

Plus, the fact that they could use it at home was a huge bonus. No more feeling self-conscious at the gym or worrying about judgmental looks. They could just be themselves, hula hooping in the living room, and having a blast while doing it!

And let me tell you, time flies when you’re using this hoop! Pop in some earbuds, play some music, or even scroll through TikTok, and before you know it, you’ve been hooping for 30 minutes. It doesn’t even feel like a workout, but you’re still burning those calories!

So, in a nutshell, our time with the Infinity Hoop? A total hit! Easy to use, awesome results, and just a lot of fun. 

Infinity Hoop Results

I can tell you from personal experience that several of my clients lost weight while incorporating this product into their fitness routine. To see more testimonials and stories, be sure to check out the reviews on Infinity Hoop’s website. It is what convinced me to take the plunge!

Infinity Hoop Before And After Pictures

infinity hoop results

infinity hoop before and after

Does The Infinity Hoop Work?

At the end of the day, weight loss is not a complicated subject. If you are burning more calories than you consume then you will see results. So a fun piece of equipment can certainly make this easier. Personally, I saw that people had a much easier time using something like in their everyday routine compared to going to the gym and hopping on a treadmill. 

That being said, the Infinity Hoop is just a fitness tool. If you want to see results like the ones you have seen so far, you will have put just as much effort into your diet. 

Real Customer Infinity Hoop Reviews

It is fair to say that customers are loving the Infinity Hoop. The adjustability and durability are standout features.

infinity hoop reviews

Sample Infinity Hoop Workout

The best thing about the Infinity Hoop is that you can just throw it on and get started. No need for any complex routines or pieces of equipment. But if you want to get into the groove of a cool routine, checkout the endless supply of follow along routines on Youtube and TikTok. 


How much does the Infinity Hoop Cost?

You can get a number of different packages from Infinity Hoop with the cheapest being around $60.