MAPS Prime Review (2024)

While getting in the gym and clanking around heavy weights may be the most fun, your days as a lifter will be numbered unless you take the right steps. Things like stretching and mobility work may not be flashy, but they are building blocks for reaching your full potential as a lifter. If you were … Read more

MAPS Symmetry Review (2024)

This is our MAPS Symmetry review. MAPS Symmetry is the MAPS program that the Mind Pump team made to work on muscle balance and symmetrical growth. Anybody who has trained for a significant amount of time knows that they have more strength and mobility on one side of their body than the other. If you … Read more

MAPS Aesthetic Review (2024)

This is our MAPS Aesthetic Review. MAPS Aesthetic is the MAPS program designed on hypertrophy and aesthetics. MAPS Aesthetic is the third training program released by Mind Pump. Unlike their other programs, which tend to focus on general health, performance, and strength, this program is designed to specifically grow muscles in the right areas to … Read more

MAPS Performance Review (2023)

In this MAPS Performance Review, we will be taking a close look at the athlete-targeted program developed by the minds over at Mind Pump Media. The problem with the majority of online workout programs is that tend to be repetitive, cookie-cutter, and not much better if at all than the free programs you can find … Read more

MAPS Anabolic Review (2024)

You can be eating right and dedicating hours to the gym every day, but you will make limited progress unless you are running a proper program. I honestly believe that I could have gotten the same strength and muscle gains that I have now in a fraction of the years it took me if I … Read more