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atg programs review

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Daniel Mesa

ATG Programs Review

ATG programs review

Quick Overview

The ATG Online Coaching Programs provide value for any fitness goal. Especially for those looking to improve their athletic performance or longevity.

Overall Rating 9.5/10:

Versatility 9.6/10

Quality Of Life Benefits 9.6/10

Value 9.5/10

Instructional Videos 9.3/10

Mobile Application 9.1/10

Who Should Buy This

  • Those looking to improve their longevity
  • Athletes looking to improve their performance
  • People recovering form an injury

Before You Buy

  • Recurring monthly membership
  • Programs require time and dedication to see results

In the ever-evolving realm of fitness, a groundbreaking approach has emerged, capturing the attention of athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Welcome to the world of ATG programs, guided by the expertise of the renowned “Knees Over Toes Guy.”

In this objective review, we embark on an exploration of the transformative power behind the Knees Over Toes Guy program. With a focus on the ATG philosophy – “Ass to Grass” – this program revolutionizes traditional squatting techniques, pushing the boundaries of movement and maximizing athletic performance.

Delving into the core principles of biomechanics and functional excellence, the Knees Over Toes Guy program presents a unique opportunity to optimize movement patterns and build resilient bodies. By challenging established norms and embracing a full range of motion, this program aims to break through plateaus and minimize the risk of injuries.

Throughout this review, we will examine the key elements of the ATG coaching program, shedding light on its methodologies, real-world results, and testimonials. Our intention is to provide an unbiased analysis that will enable you to make an informed decision about whether this program aligns with your fitness goals.

Join us as we unravel the secrets of ATG training, guided by the expertise of the Knees Over Toes Guy. Prepare to unlock your athletic potential, redefine your limits, and embark on a transformative fitness journey that transcends conventional norms.

ATG Online Coaching Programs

Improve your performance, rid yourself of nagging pains, and extend your life with the ATG programs designed by the KneesOverToesGuy.

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Quick Overview: ATG Programs Review

The ATG online coaching program was designed by KneesOverToesGuy (Ben Patrick). For those unfamiliar with his work, the KneesOverToesGuy has become increasingly popular over the past few years thanks to his unconventional approach to flexibility and functional strength with his Knees Over Toes exercises.

Using these core principles, Ben Patrick has been able to improve both the quality of life and athletic performance of everyday people. Once you become a member, you gain access to all of the ATG Programs. While knees and flexibility are their bread and butter, they have a number of other programs (35+ Total Programs) that will help you target all aspects of your fitness. 

What’s Included In The Knees Over Toe Guy Program?

  • Easy to use phone application where you can everything you need
  • 20% discount on ATG Equpiment
  • 35+programs that target all areas of fitness
  • Online Coaching
  • Workout tracking
  • Access to all future programs
  • No contracts can be canceled at any time


  • Great overall value for the monthly membership fee
  • The instructional videos were very informative
  • Custom programs for nearly every fitness goal
  • Some programs do not require any equipment
  • Ongoing monthly coaching for questions or targeted feedback
  • 20% Off On ATG Equipment


  • Recurring fee
  • Requires time and dedication
  • Need equipment for some of the more advanced programs

Is The Knees Over Toe Guys Program Worth It?

As far as online coaching programs go, I would argue that no other online coaching program would improve your overall quality of life. Thanks to the variety and detail within each program, anyone of any age or experience can start with ATG and see dramatic improvements within just a few months. Here is who I recommend the ATG Program for:

Great For

  • Athletes looking to improve their performance
  • Weightlifters who want a better range of motion
  • Those recovering from an injury
  • Anyone looking to improve their longevity

Not Recommended For

  • Those who do not have the time or motivation to improve their flexibility and mobility

Using The ATG Online Coaching Program: Our Experience

I have personally been a client of the ATG online coaching program for months now and have run several of their programs. Here is what my experience has been:

Getting Started: The ATG Application

knees over oes guy program

The main way you will be interacting with the programs, workouts, and coach is through the ATG Online Coaching app. Once I became a member, I downloaded the app and signed in. From there, I had access to all of the programs and a coach after I submitted a form. 

What I did, and what I recommend others do as well, was look through the full catalog of programs and instructional videos. Even though I knew I would not be able to tackle some of the more advanced programs for some time, it was great to familiarize myself with everything and get ready to tackle my first program. 

Once I had selected the program I was doing, I used the app to track all of my workouts, record myself, and get feedback from my coach if I was unsure about my form. Personally, I found this to be one of the biggest benefits, as lots of these movements can feel uncomfortable or even unnatural when you start out. 

ATG Program Catalog

knees over toes guy exercises

Although ATG may be well-known for its knees and mobility, the extensive selection of programs was astounding to me. Everything from basic strength training to something as specific as increasing your vertical jump As someone who comes from a weightlifting background, I already had a weightlifting program in place, so I stuck to the knee mobility programs. 

However, I will say that I looked over some of their strength programs, such as Dense Strength, and found them to be of high quality. It’s probably more suitable for beginners, but really, it would be good for anyone. 

Knee Ability Zero

Knee Ability Zero is ATG’s core program, and while it is technically optional, it is where I started since my level of mobility was frankly terrible. This program is done three times per week (M, W, and F) and entirely with your own bodyweight. It’s main focus is to improve mobility in the knees and ankles.

ATG Basics

Once I felt comfortable with my abilities on Knee Ability Zero, I moved onto ATG basics. Similar to Knee Ability Zero, Basics was done three days per week and focused on developing mobility across the entire body. However, this is the first program where you will need to start introducing some equipment. Nothing fancy or expensive; in fact, if you go to a commercial gym or home gym, you likely already have most of the equipment. 

ATG Standards

The next step up from the basics was ATG Standards. The idea behind Standards is that you test your abilities across 20 different exercises to gauge your strengths and weaknesses across your body. From there, you work to enhance strength and mobility across your entire body, with a special focus on your weaker areas. 

Standards is where I am currently at. It is definitely more intensive than the previous two programs, as it is five days per week. Not to mention, some of the exercises start to have increasing levels of difficulty. 

Other Programs

While I myself have only run three programs up to now, the ATG Program catalog is very extensive and likely has something for everyone. These are just a few of the more popular programs:

  • Knee Ability Zero
  • ATG Basics
  • ATG Standards
  • ATG Pro
  • Ability Protocols
  • ATG For Crossfit
  • ATG For Longevity
  • ATG Muscles
  • ATG Shred
  • ATG programs are specific for nearly every sport (Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer,etc)

ATG Before And After: My Results

knees over toes guy eequpiment

I would like to think that I am an athletic or active person who is in overall great shape. I have played sports, and even now that I am older, I have a dedicated weightlifting and cardio routine. 

While these things can be true, it can also be true that my lifestyle outside of dedicated exercise is incredibly sedentary. This became apparent to me as I got started with ATG and could not even do some of the more basic movements. My lower body had next to zero mobility. 

My case, I am sure, is not rare. Plenty of people, even if they are active, have neglected their mobility despite it being such an important part of their longevity and overall performance. However, despite starting from square one, I saw massive improvements over the course of just a few short months. 

Of course, I can see the progression in terms of the programs. My form is a lot better, and I have even started to move on to some of the more advanced movements. But the biggest areas where I have noticed these gains have been in my everyday life and athletic performance. 

Previous aches and pains that I had just accepted as part of getting older vanished over the course of a few weeks. My performance in the gym also shot up. The mobility gains I made in my ankles and shoulders benefited my squat and bench press in particular. 

What Equipment Is Required For ATG Online Coaching?

Within the ATG Program catalog, there are several programs that require minimal or no equipment. The program where you will most likely start, Knees Ability Zero, actually requires no equipment at all. 

But as you start getting more advanced in the ATG system, you will eventually need to start using some basic equipment to continue progressing. Nothing super fancy, but things such as a slant board, heel raisers, a dip belt, a tib bar, and a nord stick are used in several of the programs. 

Some of these things can be found in a commercial gym, but chances are, if you work out at home like me, you will need to purchase some equipment to get started. A great benefit of being an ATG member is that you get a 20% discount on all of their best ATG equipment. Personally, this was where I purchased it, as the prices were affordable and everything was American-made. 

That being said, you can likely find similar products elsewhere on Amazon or from other fitness brands. You could even make your own equipment, as several members of the ATG community have done. 

Can You Run ATG Programs Alongside Other Programs?

While ATG having such an extensive program catalog is great, the reality is that I and most of you will likely only be interested in the mobility or athletic programs. Personally, I ran ATG programs alongside my usual weightlifting routine and saw no issues. The ATG sessions are short and not very taxing, so I really didn’t notice any negative effects. If anything, my performance in the gym improved as a result of the ATG program. 

Even ATG understands that many people already have their own fitness routines, which they are only looking to enhance with some mobility work provided by ATG. Even the online coaches will tell you that it is okay to run another program at the same time. 

ATG Online Coaching vs. MAPS

AspectMAPS ProgramsATG Programs
FocusComprehensive overall fitness trainingEmphasizes knee health and athleticism
Training PhilosophyBalanced approach with varied workoutsFull range of motion and deep squatting
Main GoalWell-rounded fitness and strengthStrong, healthy knees and improved mobility
Exercise SelectionDiverse exercises targeting all muscle groupsEmphasis on lower body and knee-specific exercises
Progression TechniquesPeriodization and progressive overloadProgressive depth and intensity in squats
Injury PreventionEmphasis on safe technique and formSpecific knee positioning and mobility work
Training AdaptabilityMultiple program options for different goalsAdaptations available for various fitness levels
Equipment RequirementsVarious equipment depending on programMinimal equipment, bodyweight exercises
Program StructureStructured workouts with set routinesFlexibility for individual customization
Target AudienceGeneral fitness enthusiastsIndividuals focused on knee health and performance
Online SupportOnline resources and community supportActive online community and coaching

The world of online coaching and programming is very competitive. I have tried several of these programs, and it is good to see how ATG stacks up against the competition. In my case, it was the MAPS Program catalog by Mind Pump Media. Similar to ATG, there are a variety of programs available for whatever goal you may have (athletic performance, strength, mobility, etc.). 

While both ATG and MAPS have plenty of variety, it is clear to me that MAPS likely has the better programs if you are looking to pack on muscle or get strong. Similar to this, even though MAPS offers mobility programs like MAPS Prime, it cannot really compete with ATG’s mobility knowledge. Therefore, if you are deciding between the two, you will have to prioritize which goal you care about more. 

MAPS Super Bundle

The MAPS Super Bundles combine all the MAPS programs for a massive discount. You could easily run just these programs for the rest of your lifting career.

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The other major difference between the two programs is that ATG operates on a monthly subscription, while MAPS offers one-off purchases of individual programs or bundles of programs. There are benefits and downsides to both models, but keep this in mind while looking at the MAPS Programs. Sure, they may cost a bit more, but once you buy them, they are yours forever.

Customer Knees Over Toes Guy Reviews

Personally, I had a great experience with the Knees Over Toes Guy ATG Program. However, do not just take my word for it. There are a number of excellent testimonials on the ATG Knees Over Toes Guy website.

knees over toes guy reviews

Tips For Getting The Best Results With ATG Online Coaching Programs 

After running the ATG programs from pretty humble beginnings, here are my tips for getting the most out of your time:

  • Be honest with your abilities: A lot of the programs are contingent on you gauging your own progress to see if you are using proper form. Do not move on until you are certain that you are doing things properly.
  • Check in with your coach: Don’t be afraid to check in with your coach to ask questions.
  • Stay dedicated: To really see results, you need to stay consistent and stick to the programs
  • Invest in some basic equipment: It is a lot easier to stay dedicated when you have all the right equipment and no excuses. It will also enhance your workout. 

Final Verdict On ATG Knees Over Toes Review

Overall, the ATG online coaching program really does have a lot to offer. No matter your fitness level or ability, you can benefit from improving your mobility with some of ATG’s non-convetional methods. 

Knees Over Toes Program Rating

Versatility 9.6/10

Quality Of Life Benefits 9.6/10

Value 9.5/10

Instructional Videos 9.3/10

Mobile Application 9.1/10

Final Verdict

Overall 9.5/10:

ATG has done a great job of creating as catalog of programs and coaching for any goal. While we already knew the mobility programs would be excellent, the quality of the other programs make this an easy recommendation for any fitness enthusiast.


How long does an ATG workout last?

Most ATG sesssions will last 30 minutes or less. Since they are short and low-impact, it is easy to stay consistent and have the program not interfere with other aspects of your life.

What does ATG stand for?

ATG stands for both Ass To Grass and Athletic Truth Group.

How long to see results?

You have to keep in mind that with ATG you are undoing years of a sedentary lifestyle and poor mobility so it will take time to see results. That being said, most people can expect to see results in as little as a few weeks.