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Rogue Curl Bar


Rogue Curl Bar

  • Brand: Rogue Fitness
  • Warranty: 5-year
  • Manufactured In: USA
  • Loadable Sleeve Length: 10.50″
  • Bar Length: 54.50″
  • Distance Between Sleeves: 31.50″
  • Diameter: 28.5MM
  • Bar Type: Men’s Bars
  • Bar Use: Multipurpose,Specialty
  • Rotation System: Bushing
  • Bar Weight: 30LB
  • Knurl: Multi
  • Center Knurl: No
  • Shaft Coating: Black E-Coating
  • Sleeve Coating: Bright Zinc
  • Tensile Strength: 110,000

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From The Manufacturer

Rogue Curl Bar

Rogue’s first-ever Curl Bar is fully machined and assembled in the USA and adapts many of the same properties from our flagship Rogue Ohio Bar—including bronze bushings, a snap ring design, and our trademark Ohio knurl pattern. Many athletes can benefit from this type of specialty camber bar, as the bends in the shaft help limit stress on the wrists and reduce common injury risks. Lifters can also employ a narrow grip with the Rogue Curl Bar for performing tricep extensions and close grip curls.

The first run of the Curl Bar includes a unique E-coat finish with bright zinc sleeves. The 1.96” diameter sleeves are compatible with most standard Olympic plates, but the 31.50″   space between the sleeves means that this bar is NOT designed to be rackable.

What Real Customers Had To Say At Rogue Fitness

Positive Reviews

“I have been looking for the perfect EZ-Curl Bar for my gym. This Bar is it! The Bar is comfortable, knurling is nicely cut…not too sharp. The Ceramic Coating feels better than any bar I’ve used”

“Over the years i have a home gym with mostly Rogue gear. I’ve tried to cut costs a bit and sneak in cheaper stuff, but that’s exactly what I end up with…cheap stuff. I prefer to bite the bullet and pay up for Rogue. It’s always worth it.”

“I ordered this bar to replace a cheap imported curl bar I’ve had for years. The rogue curl bar blows my old bar away. Nice rotating sleeves and a nice knurling that doesn’t split your hands like my old bar. I was also very impressed with shipping. I live in New Jersey and I received this bar 2 days after I ordered it. Very impressed with the bar and customer service!”

Negative Reviews

None To Speak Of

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