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Daniel Mesa

Does Planet Fitness Have Zumba Classes?

does planet fitness have zumba classes

Planet Fitness is well known for being an affordable, beginner-friendly gym. However, to keep membership prices so low they often lack some of the basic things that other gyms have like group classes or more expensive equipment.

So does Planet Fitness have Zumba classes? The truth is that it depends on your Planet Fitness location, but most will not offer the classes on a consistent basis.

However, just because the class is not directly offered by Planet Fitness does not mean that you cannot do some similar alternatives as Planet Fitness Member.

Does Planet Fitness Have Zumba Classes? How To Find Out

Planet Fitness does welcome Zumba classes as they view them as a fun way for their members to stay in shape. In line with their “judgment-free” marketing, exercise classes are great ways to get in shape even if you are unsure about what exact routine to follow.

That being said, not every Planet Fitness will have Zumba classes. You have to keep in mind that Planet Fitness is a large commercial gym chain with locations all across the country. Not every facility has the space or personnel required to hold Zumba classes for its members.

To find out if your local Planet Fitness offers Zumba classes, it is best to contact them directly or check their website.

If your Planet Fitness does have Zumba classes, then you are in luck. Anyone can attend, but certain Planet Fitness also offers Zumba Gold intended for older individuals. These Gold classes will be lower-impact and not as physically demanding as the regular Zumba classes.

Can You Learn Zumba At Planet Fitness?

Even though your local Planet Fitness may not have consistent Zumba classes, they may conduct special classes on certain occasions where you can learn if you wish. This could be for a trial class or for visiting Zumba instructor that is in town.

Another option is of course to check if other Planet Fitness gyms in your location do offer Zumba classes. If you have the Planet Fitness black card, you can visit any one of their locations and check.

Alternative Classes To Zumba

While Zumba is a great class that offers a variety of benefits, there are plenty of other fitness classes that you can do as well at Planet Fitness. Unlike Zumba which varies by Planet Fitness gym, these classes tend to be offered on a much more consistent basis:

30-Minute Express Circuit

The 30-minute express circuit is Planet Fitness’s trademark fitness class. While fairly basic, it is a combination of cardio and strength training that will give you a full-body workout.

Throughout the 30 minutes, you will switch between various circuits that each work on a specific part of your body. Some of these circuits will be more strength focused while others will be more conditioning focused. Within each circuit, you will also find small challenges that will help improve your flexibility and endurance as well.

If this sounds overwhelming, do not worry. Each class is broken up into two teams with each team being led by a certified Planet Fitness instructor.

Overall, if you have started to venture into the world of fitness classes, the 30-minute express circuit is the perfect place to start.

Core Classes

One of the largest benefits of Zumba training is the core strength that you develop. If your local gym does not have Zumba classes, another great way to build that core strength is to take one of Planet Fitness’s dedicated Core Classes.

As you may expect, the entire class will be dedicated to working on your entire core. This includes muscles like the abs, obliques, serratus, and lower back. With this class, you can expect major carryover to other aspects of your training as well. Considering that the core is involved in nearly every major lift, the added strength and stability provided by your core will go a long way.

Of course, you can just do this class on its own. But I think that the best way to use this class is to add it in as a compliment to your regular training. Doing it after your workout could be a great way to burn some additional calories and work on your core.

Chest And Biceps Class

If you just want to work the beach muscles, the Chest, and Biceps Class at Planet Fitness is a great way to blow up your arms and chest. Expect to do lots of presses and curls.

Similar to other Planet Fitness classes, the class will be split up into two teams with each one being led by a certified Planet Fitness instructor.

Back And Triceps Class

This class serves as a great compliment to the Chest and Biceps Class. By doing both of these, you can get an excellent upper-body workout.

Expect to lots of rows, pull-downs, and push-downs in this class.

Legs And Shoulder Class

Rounding out the Back and Triceps Class and Chest and Biceps Class, the Leg and Shoulders Class completes the series so that you can work out your entire under the fun and guided environment of a Planet Fitness class.

Stretch Classes

The Stretch Classes at Planet Fitness are meant to assist you in improving your overall mobility and preventing injury. I think that if you are a Planet Fitness member and not attending at least a few stretching classes, you are missing out on some major benefits.

Beginners Orientation Class

The Beginners Orientation Class serves as a place where those that are completely new to fitness can learn the basics and ask questions without fear.

The group environment really does make it a great place for people to get comfortable with the idea of being in a group fitness class.

Zumba Benefits

zumba benefits

Even outside of Planet Fitness, Zumba is a very popular fitness class that can be found all around the world. Here are the main reasons why Zumba is so popular:

Anyone Can Do It

Unlike other fitness classes that often require certain levels of mobility and strength, anyone can do Zumba. If you are not the best dancer, you can still go and do your best to groove along to the music.

On top of that, the presence of the instructor will ensure that you are getting better after each class.

Full Body Workout

While the class may be based around dancing, you are still getting a full-body workout thanks to the sheer amount of movement involved. Other than cardio benefits, expect to especially get a great workout in your legs and core.

Furthermore, the quick changes in pace and direction mean that you will also be directly working on your balance and agility as well.

Makes You Happy

It has been known for years now that working out and getting your heart pumping will improve your overall mood. Where Zumba makes this even better by combing exercises with upbeat music and a happy environment as well.

Attending a Zumba class, listening to music, and interacting with your peers is a great way to brighten your spirits.

Bottom Line

Zumba classes are a great way to get in shape and brighten your mood. While you specific Planet Fitness may not offer Zumba classes, they still offer several types of classes that give you similar benefits.

These group classes at Planet Fitness are a great way to get motivated and stay in shape!


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