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does planet fitness have rowing machines

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Daniel Mesa

Does Planet Fitness Have Rowing Machines?

The rowing machine is one of the most popular pieces of gym equipment. For good reason, it can provide a killer cardio workout while also strengthening your back muscles.

Similar to other commercial gyms, Planet Fitness offers a variety of fitness equipment suitable for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. So does planet fitness have rowing machines? The answer is yes, all Planet Fitness locations have a number of rowing machines available.

does planet fitness have rowing machines

In this guide, we will break down why Planet Fitness has rowing machines and provides tips for using the rowing machine correctly.

Benefits Of Rowing Machines

These are the top reasons why a rowing machine is so popular and beneficial:

Improved Cardiovascular Health

The main goal of the rowing machine is to work your cardiovascular system. The intensity of this full-body workout will get your heart pumping very quickly. A few sessions on this machine per week can get you into great shape.

This machine is also not just for beginners, the adjustable resistance means that you can continue to overload on this machine as your cardiovascular system becomes more efficient.

does planet fitness have rowing machines

Strength Gains

Compared to other cardio machines, the rowing machine heavily works your upper body. The fundamental pulling motion will work your entire back at once. With enough training and dedication, yous should notice that your backs get toned and stronger.

The other main muscle group worked here are the core muscles. Your abs have to work hard to stabilize your upper body as you move back and forth on this machine.

The overall increase in strength in back and core strength will help prevent back pain and indirectly assist in your other exercises.


Other forms of cardio like running or jumping can be very harsh on your joints and recovery. The repeated shock from landing on the ground can start to do a number on your knees and ankles over time. This can make it hard to do cardio in combination with other activities like weight lifting.

In contrast, a rowing machine is a relatively low impact on your body. The rowing motion of the machine is very smooth while still allowing you to get a hard cardio session in.

Correct Rowing Machine Form

As we have already mentioned, rowing machines are great tools for injury prevention. However, it is crucial that you perform the movement with the proper technique.

Video Guide

To use a rowing machine correctly for cardio exercise, follow these steps:

  1. Start by sitting on the rowing machine with your feet securely fastened to the footrests. Your knees should be bent, and your shins should be vertical.

  2. Grasp the handlebar with an overhand grip, keeping your arms straight and your shoulders relaxed.

  3. Lean back slightly, engaging your core and keeping your back straight. This is the starting or catch position.

  4. To begin the stroke, push off with your legs and straighten them as you simultaneously pull the handlebar towards your chest.

  5. At the end of the stroke, your arms should be fully extended and your body leaning slightly forward. This is known as the drive position.

  6. To return to the starting position, bend your knees and lean back slightly as you release the handlebar. This is known as the return position. By the end you should be back to the start or catch position.

  7. Repeat the stroke for a continuous, steady pace, maintaining a consistent rhythm and keeping your movements smooth and controlled.

Throughout the entire movement, you should try to keep your core as tight as possible for maximum stability.

30-Minute Planet Fitness Beginner Rowing Workout

  1. Warm up for the first 5 minutes by using a moderate pace. The resistance should be at the lowest setting possible.

  2. Once your warm-up is over, begin to increase the machine’s resistance every two minutes.

  3. Do this until minutes 25-26. Once here, begin to reduce the resistance of the machine so you can cool your body down.

This simple workout can easily burn 200-400 calories depending on your intensity. Give it a try!

Tips To Enhance Your Rowing Machine Routine

All of these tips will work great to enhance your rowing routine as well as all your fitness activities

Adopt A Mobility Routine

Due to modern sedentary lifestyles, most people lack basic mobility. These limitations lead to injuries and muscular imbalances all across your body. There are many 5 minutes routines on YouTube that can drastically improve your flexibility over the course of a few months.

Combine Your Cardio With Strength Training

As we have already discussed, a stronger back is a healthier back. The rowing machine help strengthens your back muscles, but its true purpose is to work your cardiovascular system.

If you are serious about taking your back to the next level, consider taking up strength training to further strengthen your back. Planet fitness has a number of exercise machines that are well-suited for starting out some basic weight training.

Planet Fitness locations also have some free weights that you can experiment with. I personally like to use the rowing machine as one of my warm-up exercises on my lifting days.

Take Things Slow

I cannot emphasize this enough, it is much better to slowly make progress the rush things and risk injuring yourself for months. All aspects of your training should be focused on this principle.

Whether it be your overall program or warming up, just be sure to listen to your body and not rush into anything. It is great to want to make quick progress but it should not come at the cost of your overall health.

Final Thoughts

Most gyms you go to, including Planet Fitness, will tend to have lots of rowing machines available. Rowing machines are one of the most common and useful pieces of gym equipment.

Be sure to use them if you can!


What brand of rowing machine does Planet Fitness have?

Planet Fitness uses Life Fitness rowing machines.

Do all gyms have rowing machines?

No, not all gyms will have rowing machines. However, rowing machines are one of the more common cardio machines so most commercial gyms you go to will have at least one rowing machine.

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