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Novvalab review

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Daniel Mesa

NovaaLab Review

novvalab review

Quick Overview

NovvaLab is transforming the wellness landscape with their innovative red light therapy devices, designed to boost health and vitality by relieving pain, accelerating muscle recovery, and enhancing skin quality.

Overall Rating 9.5/10:

Portability 9.3/10

Benefits 9.6/10

Versatility 8.1/10

Customer Experience 9.1/10

Value 9.2/10

Who Should Buy This

  • Those looking for at-home recovery solutions
  • People who want to enhance their energy or improve their sleep
  • People looking to recover from nagging injuries

Before You Buy

  • Red light therapy requires consistent sessions to see the benefits

Welcome to our comprehensive NovaaLab Review, a brand that’s revolutionizing the world of red light therapy. Step into a healthier lifestyle with these expert-recommended, FDA-approved devices, providing relief from joint and muscle pain, rejuvenating skin, improving mood, and supercharging energy levels. 

Delve into the science behind how these products stimulate deep healing and discover the best options to suit your needs. With high user ratings and notable reviews, Novaalab promises a wealth of benefits at a reasonable price.

From analyzing the finest products, and understanding their workings, to sharing users’ experiences, we’ll leave no stone unturned to help you make an informed choice. Ready to uncover the secret to a healthier, happier life? Let’s shine a light on Novaalab.

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NovaaLab Light Max XL

Experience full-body wellness with NovvaLab's Light XL. This expansive red light therapy panel delivers targeted wavelengths over a large area, perfect for comprehensive treatments. From skin rejuvenation to deep tissue healing, the Light XL is your all-in-one solution for health and vitality.

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NovvaLab Review: A Quick Look

novaalab reviews

NovvaLab is an emerging company in the realm of red light therapy devices. Similar to other companies, they have a variety of products meant to bring red light therapy to different parts of your body. 

As a home gym owner and overall fitness enthusiast, I have vast experience with red light therapy devices. The ability to relieve joint pain and accelerate muscle recovery is something that I value very much. Overall, I was very impressed with NovvaLab’s overall lineup of red light devices. 

Now, I know that many people use red light therapy for its cosmetic benefits, but personally, muscle recovery, pain relief, and energy boost are the main drivers for me. Therefore, I got the most use out of the portable NovvaLab Solo and NovvaLab Deep Healing Pad. In particular, I found that the NovvaLab Deep Healing Pad was the star of the show given how very few alternatives there are out there. 

Our Tips

  • Examine your needs so you can choose the right red light therapy device for you
  • Do not be afraid to try things out, NovvaLab has a great no-hassle return policy
  • Make sure you can stay consistent with your red light therapy sessions to reap the real benefits


  • Variety of red light devices perfect for anyone’s needs
  • Affordable prices compared to other red light therapy companies
  • Helps relieve joint pain
  • Enhances muscle recovery
  • Boosts energy
  • Great warranty and return policy


  • Need to be consistent with red light therapy sessions to see real benefits
  • Cheaper at-home recovery solutions are available.

Is NovvaLab Red Light Therapy Worth It?

The smaller products in NovvaLab’s lineup start at as little as $129. Not bad at all, but you should keep in mind that these products (Oral, Laser, and Light Pro) are meant for more targeted red light therapy. Specifically, if you have certain blemishes or small injuries that you want to target. 

Once you start getting into more traditional forms of red light with NovaaLab like their Max Solo, Max SL, and Deep Healing Pad you start to get some more of the general benefits of red light therapy. You no longer have to target a specific area, and can really target your entire body more or less for maximum benefits. Naturally, the prices for these devices will be higher $300-$500. 

Personally, I have no problem spending money on higher-end, larger devices. The quick access to red light therapy and unlimited sessions are simply worth it for me. Once you compare the price of even the most expensive models to memberships to locations that offer red light therapy, the price becomes justifiable for most people. 

Great For

  • Those looking for at-home recovery solutions
  • People who want to enhance their energy or improve their sleep
  • People looking to recover from nagging injuries

Not Recommended For

  • Those looking for ultra-budget home therapy solutions
  • People that do not have the time to dedicate to daily red light therapy sessions

NovvaLab Specs

As we mentioned, NovaaLab has lots of options to choose from. 

SpecificationDeep Healing PadLight ProMax XL
CertificationsFDA, CE, RoHSFDA, CE, RoHSFDA Class II, CE, RoHS
Size15.7″ x 9″4.7″ x 1″17.7″ x 8.2″ x 2.7″
Medical Lights/Wavelengths240 x Infrared 850 nm lights + 120 x 660 nm lights3 medical grade LED lights which deliver red 630 nm + deep red 660 nm + infrared 850 nm frequenciesMedical-grade Red 660 nm + Near Infrared 850 nm frequencies
Irradiance output power (0″, 1″, 3″, 6″)200, 120, 45, 25 mW/cm²>200, 120, 45, 25 mW/cm²>200, 115, 87.16, 48 mW/cm²
Laser/LEDs lifetime50,000+ hours50,000+ hours50,000+ hours
Weight0.6 lbs210g6.6lbs
FDA ClassificationClass IIClass IIClass II
Power plug/BatteriesUS power plug attached2 rechargeable Ion batteries includedN/A
Lights (for Max XL) or Rating Power (for Max XL)N/AN/A30 x 5W 660nm leds + 30 x 5W 850 nm leds / 300W

Using NovvaLab Red Light Therapy

novalab red light therapy reviews

I tried out these products over the course of several weeks. Here are a few things I noticed, plus some tips:

The Benefits Of NovaaLab Red Light Therapy

Muscle Recovery

As someone who is a weightlifter and cyclist, one of the biggest obstacles for me is muscle soreness after intense workouts. In particular, my legs and lower back can be a serious annoyance. 

I found that my turnaround time was significantly shortened after a few sessions with the Deep Healing Pad. Now, it was not instant, but it was clear to me on days that I did or did use my NovvaLight post-workout.

Energy & Focus

For those who have never experienced red light therapy, it can be a strange feeling to just sit there in the light and all of a sudden feel your mood change. I also think that part of it was having a consistent part of my day where I could relax and know that I was bettering myself. 

For this reason, I like sitting in front of my NovvaLab in the morning so I am hyper focused and ready to start my day from the jump. 

Skin Health

Personally, I view any cosmetic benefits of my red light therapy sessions as just a bonus. But it was hard not to notice the improvement in my overall skin quality.

 As someone who has spent more time in the than they probably should have, anything that can roll back the years and undo some of the damage I have done is welcome. 

How To Get The Most Out Of NovvaLab

The great thing about most red light therapy devices is that they are easy to use and set up. NovvaLab is no exception. When using a NovvaLab, just be sure to follow the instructions along with some basic guidelines and you should be fine

  • Use protective eyewear
  • Limit sessions to 1 hour
  • Use daily for the best results

Which NovvaLab Should I Get?

Given the large number of options available on NovvaLab, it can be hard to pinpoint which one you need exactly for your needs. Here are some general rules to help you make your decision. 

For Muscle and Joint Pain

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NovvaLab Deep Healing Pad

Harness the power of therapeutic light with NovvaLab's Deep Healing Pad. Designed for ease of use and effective relief, this device delivers targeted red light therapy to accelerate tissue healing, ease discomfort, and promote overall wellness.

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If you are dealing with muscle and joint pain, the Deep Healing Pad is a no brainer. The combination of compression and red light therapy will give you the best results, whether it is your knee, lower back, or any other muscle.

For General Red Light Therapy

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NovaaLab Light Max XL

Experience full-body wellness with NovvaLab's Light XL. This expansive red light therapy panel delivers targeted wavelengths over a large area, perfect for comprehensive treatments. From skin rejuvenation to deep tissue healing, the Light XL is your all-in-one solution for health and vitality.

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If you want more general, full-body red light therapy, I would recommend the Novaa Max XL. It is a large unit similar to the Koze, meaning that you can get the most benefit out of your sessions. I would go for this one if you want to get a NovvaLab for the skin and mental benefits. 

For Targeted Red Light Therapy

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NovvaLab Light Pro

Optimize your health routine with the NovvaLab Light Pro. This compact, flashlight-style device provides precise red light therapy, making it ideal for focused treatment of specific areas, enhancing cellular function, and promoting faster healing.

Check Price

If you have a very specific area you want to target, you may want to save some money and go with the Novaa Light Pro. This product is best suited for smaller areas of the body that can respond well to red light therapy. 

Customer Experience


NovvaLab has a great return policy with 60 day no hassle returns. Meaning you can try the product for up to 2 months and get a full refund if it does not work out. 


All NovvaLab products come with a 2-year warranty. 


NovvaLab does offer financing via Splitit. 

Customer NovaLab Red Light Therapy Reviews

The reviews on NovaaLab were excellent, with most products having hundreds of reviews and an average rating of 4.8/5.

novvalab reviews

Final Verdict

In the landscape of red light therapy, NovvaLab stands out with its range of innovative and user-friendly products. This comprehensive review has underscored their commitment to quality and affordability, providing an array of devices to cater to diverse needs. Whether you’re seeking to accelerate muscle recovery, boost energy levels, or simply improve your skin’s health and vitality, NovvaLab’s line of devices offers a promising solution.

Their standout product, the Deep Healing Pad, excels in relieving joint pain, making it a valuable tool for fitness enthusiasts. But it’s not just about muscle recovery; the cosmetic benefits of NovvaLab devices are impressive, too. From enhancing skin quality to providing a mood boost, NovvaLab’s products offer holistic health benefits that extend beyond the physical.

However, it’s important to note that achieving real benefits requires a commitment to regular therapy sessions. Also, while NovvaLab’s prices are competitive compared to other red light therapy companies, those seeking ultra-budget home therapy solutions might need to look elsewhere.

NovvaLab Rating




Customer Experience:

Value :

Final Verdict


NovvaLab’s red light therapy devices provide an impressive range of health benefits, from relieving joint pain and accelerating muscle recovery to enhancing skin quality. Although commitment to regular sessions is necessary for optimal results, the devices are competitively priced and backed by strong customer reviews.


Is NovvaLab Legit?

Yes, NovvaLab is legit. They make a series of red light therapy products suitable for people of all needs.