Messi Workout Routine & Diet

Written by Daniel Mesa
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Messi workout routine and diet

Lionel Messi, or “Leo” as he is most commonly known, is a legend in soccer. Messi, an Argentine soccer star born on June 24, 1987, has practically become a household name. 

While many people credit his talent, there is no doubt that Messi’s long-term success has been added to by his strict workout routine and diet. Let’s break down the full Lionel Messi workout routine and diet.

Messi Stats

Height5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight159 pounds (72 kg)
BirthdayJune 24, 1987
AwardsBallon d’Or award, FIFA World Player of the Year, European Golden Shoe award

Messi Workout Routine

Messi's workout plan

Messi’s exceptional performance on the soccer field doesn’t happen by chance. His rigorous workout routine is pivotal in maintaining his elite physical condition. 

While he may not be known for an extreme workout routine like some of his counterparts, his exercise plan is a careful blend of speed, strength, and flexibility. 

Here’s an in-depth look at how he keeps himself at the top of his game:

Linear Speed Workout


Pillar Bridge (Front): Start with a 30-second hold for 2 sets. This exercise fortifies your core muscles and enhances stability.

Knee Hug Lunge: Perform 4 reps on each side for a total of 1 set. It’s an excellent warm-up for your hips and legs.

Inverted Hamstring Stretch: Stretch each leg 4 times, ensuring a balanced muscle awakening.

Pillar Skip (Linear): Cover 15 yards in one rep, ensuring your linear movement gets a strong start.

2-Foot Rapid Response (Linear): Execute a 5-second rep per set for 2 sets. This boosts your explosive power.


Hurdle Hop: Leap over 5 hurdles in 2-3 sets. This exercise intensifies your leg strength and jumping abilities.

Split Squat Jump: Perform 4 reps on each side in 2-3 sets. It focuses on enhancing your leg and core power.

Movement Skills 

Acceleration Wall Drill (Marching): Do 5 reps on each side per set for 2 sets. It elevates your acceleration skills.

Acceleration Wall Drill (Single Exchange): Execute 5 reps on each side per set for 2 sets. Enhance your lateral movement.

Acceleration Wall Drill (Triple Exchange): Perform 5 reps on each side per set for 2 sets. This drill sharpens your transition abilities.

Acceleration (Split Stance): Cover 10 yards in each rep per set for 3-5 sets. This adds depth to your acceleration.

Acceleration to Base: Continue covering 10 yards per rep/set in 3-5 sets. This exercise emphasizes explosive acceleration.

Multi-Directional Speed Workout

The multi-directional speed workout is designed to boost agility, quick direction changes, and game readiness.


  • Pillar Bridge (Front)
  • Knee Hug Lunge
  • Inverted Hamstring Stretch
  • Pillar Skip (Lateral): Cover 10 yards on each side.
  • 2-Foot Rapid Response (Linear): 5-second rep for 2 sets.


Hurdle Hop (Lateral): Leap over 5 hurdles on each side in 2-3 sets. This builds lateral leg strength.

Lateral Bound: Perform 4 reps on each side for 2-3 sets. Improve your side-to-side quickness.

Movement Skills

Lateral Shuffle to Cut: Execute 4 reps on each side for 2-3 sets. This drill enhances your lateral agility and cutting techniques.

3-Hurdle Drill (Stabilization): Perform 3 reps per set for 2-3 sets. This exercise emphasizes stability in multi-directional movement.

3-Hurdle Drill (Continuous): Execute 3 reps per set for 2-3 sets. Enhance your continuous multi-directional movement.

3-Hurdle Drill (to Drop Step): Perform 3 reps on each side per set for 2-3 sets. This exercise sharpens your drop-step movements.

Mirror Drill: Engage in 5-10-second reps per set for 3-4 sets. It intensifies quick decision-making abilities in the game.

Messi Diet

Lionel Messi, a great football player, knows that cooking work is the key to success on the field. He liked fast food, soda, and Argentine treats like Milanesa in his younger years. 

But he had to change what he ate on his way to becoming famous. Messi, known for his strong hits and unmatched speed, thinks about what he eats a lot. 

Take a better look at his cooking playbook:

Messi's diet

Messi made a big change when he teamed up with Italian nutritionist Giuliano Poser in 2014. The core of this diet is made up of five important elements:

  • Water: The elixir of life keeps Messi hydrated, ensuring peak performance.
  • Olive Oil: A source of healthy fats, crucial for energy and recovery.
  • Whole Grains: Providing sustained energy levels for enduring matches.
  • Fresh Fruit: Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, contributing to muscle recovery.
  • Fresh Vegetables: The foundation of Messi’s daily intake, nurturing his body with essential nutrients.

Nuts and seeds are regulars in Messi’s diet, providing a nutritional boost and aiding in muscle regeneration.

Messi’s diet avoids sugar, which is usually seen as damaging to muscular health, and refined flour. 

Similarly, processed flours are replaced with more nutritious options to help athletes stay in top form.

Even while meat is a staple in the diets of his native Argentina and Uruguay, Messi knows better than to overdo it. 

Meat that is consumed in large quantities can be difficult to digest. Therefore, he finds a middle ground, prioritizing quality over quantity.

Messi increases his protein intake by drinking up to three protein shakes daily in the days leading up to a game. This helps his muscles stay strong and maintains his performance at a high level.

Messi’s diet is strict overall, although he allows the occasional treat. After all, life should taste sweet amid disciplined choices.

During the 2018 playing season, Messi tried going vegan. Even if it turns out to be false, it will show that he is willing to push the boundaries of what he eats to succeed.

Messi Supplements Of Choice

Messi's supplements

Lionel Messi’s dedication to football extends to his supplement choices. These essentials fill dietary deficiencies, improving his health and performance. 

Here’s a closer look at the vitamins that help Messi perform better in sports:

Messi drinks three protein shakes before every game as part of his routine. Protein is the most important part of an athlete’s diet because it helps muscles grow and speeds up healing. 

Messi makes sure that his body is a strong fortress by taking this vitamin.

Messi loves to take multivitamins. They improve his health in many ways, meeting his body’s important micronutrient needs and ensuring it works at its best.

Hailing from his Argentine roots, Yerba Maté adds a unique edge to Messi’s supplement lineup. This traditional herbal tea has many health benefits that fit the wants of the football superstar:

  • Enhanced Digestion: Yerba Maté soothes Messi’s stomach, ensuring it’s always match-ready.
  • Heightened Focus: This herbal elixir sharpens his mental clarity, keeping him on top of his game.
  • Weight Management: Yerba Maté even contributes to Messi’s weight management journey.

Final Thoughts

A healthy, well-rounded diet is essential for athletes looking to maximize their performance. Messi, for example, sticks to a regimen that ensures he gets all the fuel and vitamins he needs.

Do you think it’s possible to learn to dribble like Lionel Messi? Now that you have more information about this world-class footballer’s diet, you may consider imitating some of his habits.

Messi’s approach to fitness and eating shows how a balanced diet and exercise can help you reach new heights in sports. His amazing journey continues to inspire players all over the world, and so should you!

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