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Hollywood Bodyweight Physique


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"Never thought I would be able to get such great results from home. Biggest difference I have noticed is how much better people treat me, girls especially!"

The Only Program You Will Ever Need

Welcome to the Hollywood Bodyweight Physique program, the ultimate blueprint to sculpting a physique worthy of the silver screen. This program offers an optimal blend of three intense workouts weekly, coupled with a delicious and satisfying diet plan where you’ll dine like royalty.

The Hollywood Bodyweight Physique isn’t just another program; it’s a transformational journey. Thousands have already trusted this regimen, witnessing unparalleled transformations. The success stories span a range of individuals – from those carrying extra weight, to the average Joes, to even the skinny-fat category. And the most astonishing part? They’ve achieved remarkable results in a mere 4-6 weeks.

Imagine having a personal trainer guiding you, sharing insights, and ensuring every move you make is optimized for results. That’s what this program promises – a comprehensive 4-month masterclass designed to metamorphose your body into its best version.

Get The Physique Women Drool Over...

You Will Experience

Program Breakdown

The Three-Month FitDominium Hollywood Body weight Physique Journey:

Phase 1 – Kickstarting Your Transformation:

  • Learn the fundamentals of body weight exercise
  • Establish baseline strength
  • Prime your metabolism to build muscle and lose fat

Phase 2 – Getting Jacked:

  • Master harder body weight variations
  • Begin to see signs of growth in your arms, back, and chest
  • Increase your work capacity

Phase 3 – The Transformational Apex:

  • Put everything you have learned together
  • Higher volume, better pumps
  • Master all the body weight exercises

BONUS Gorilla Phase – The Transformational Apex:

  • Hardest body weight workouts known to man
  • Truly push your limits
  • Learn how the truly elite keep progressing