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Rogue C-70 Bar


Rogue C-70 Bar

  • Brand: Rogue Fitness
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty*
  • Manufactured In: USA
  • Loadable Sleeve Length: 12.00″
  • Bar Length: 69″
  • Diameter: 28.5MM
  • F Rating™: F-8R
  • Bar Type: Men’s Bars
  • Bar Use: Multipurpose,Specialty
  • Bar Weight: 35LB
  • Knurl: Multi
  • Center Knurl: No
  • Knurl Mark: Dual
  • Shaft Coating: Black Zinc
  • Sleeve Coating: Bright Zinc
  • Tensile Strength: 190,000

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From The Manufacturer

Rogue C-70 Bar

The Rogue C-70 Bar is a shorty 35LB version of the Ohio Bar. Designed for competition use in the CrossFit Games, the barbell’s shorter overall length (69″) allows athletes to be spaced closer together. This can also benefit anyone training in tight quarters, be it a small garage gym, tight basement, or busy training facility. This bar has knurl marks for both Olympic and Powerlifting grips, and the distance between collars is 43″ versus the standard 52″.

The C-70 Bar features the same 28.5MM diameter, American 190,000 PSI steel, bronze bushings, and dual knurl marks as the standard-length Ohio Bar, and is backed by our standard lifetime warranty against bending*. This latest model includes a Black Zinc shaft and an updated Bright Zinc sleeve finish.

Put to the test in CrossFit Games competition, this was the short barbell that supported 400+ pound deadlifts during the Men’s Finals.

Important Note: The C-70 Bar has a shorter distance between collars than a standard barbell (43″ instead of 52″), meaning it cannot be racked on a standard power rack or squat stand. For a rackable version, see the C-70S Bar.

What Real Customers Had To Say At Rogue Fitness

Positive Reviews

“I purchased a C-70 approximately 5 months ago and have used it twice a week since then. It is, in my opinion, a perfect bar for tight spaces with excellent spin and knurling. Although some of the coating (paint) has worn off were it racks, that is to be expected, no coating has thus far worn off on the sleeves. I clean and oil all of my bars once a month on a rotating basis and believe that this bar will provide decades of service with the proper care.”

“I have regular size bars but this bar is great if you don’t have a lot of space in your hone gym and want to do workouts that require multiple bars. Also a great bar to take on road.”

Negative Reviews

The Meh: I do wish the sleeves started slightly wider or narrower, as you can not rest this bar on j-cups, spotter arms, or even a gun rack. Yeah, it’s not intended to be “rackable” but if it was slightly narrower, you could at least rack the sleeves onto spotter arms between sets of curls or whatever. Even for storage, the collars are at the exact width of what most gun racks are set at, so you have to store this bar with one side resting on the shaft, the other side resting on the sleeve. I mean if you’re making a shorter bar anyway, might as well take off another 2 inches to give this thing more function. FINISH: No surprise, black zinc doesn’t last as long as chrome, stainless, or cerakote. You can see the ones at the gym are pretty rusty.

The Bad: THE WHIP. As you can imagine, a narrower bar with the weights more centered is not going to bend as much as a bar with weights further out. I did not realize how much of a difference this would make until I caught my first heavy clean, and it nearly crushed me. It felt like I just caught a 2″ axle bar on my clavicles. Despite being a 28.5 mm bar like the Ohio, the C70 is noticeably stiffer. The product page advertises the same “good whip” as they do on their other 28.5 bars, but this is certainly not the case. Not a deal breaker, but definitely inaccurate marketing.”

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