Which Gyms Have Squat Racks And Which Don’t?

Written by Daniel Mesa
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If you are looking to get a commercial gym membership, or perhaps are traveling and want a gym to fill in, it is important to know what gyms have what.

Not all gyms are built equally, especially when it comes to equipment. We can make compromises here and there but for many people, a squat rack is a must-have for any type of serious workout. To help keep you informed we have gathered a list of big box gyms and determined whether they have squat racks or not.

Why are squat racks important?

Squat racks should be the centerpiece of any gym. While they may be intimidating to beginners, the truth is that nothing else will build your muscles and challenge your body like a barbell and a squat rack.

I could personally design an entire workout just by using just a squat rack and barbell

Breaking It Down By Gym

Does Planet Fitness have squat racks?

No, Planet Fitness clubs do not have a squat rack or a power rack. However, these gyms are not totally useless as they have other various gym equipment.

If your only accessible gym is Planet Fitness, you can still get a decent workout in. Most planet fitness clubs have some smith machines and dumbbells if you want to work with free weights.

Why Does Planet Fitness Have No Squat Racks?

The simple answer is that Planet Fitness removed racks at older locations and stopped did not include them at newer gym branches anymore in an attempt to target the rookie section of the gym community.

Planet Fitness has a reputation for being a very beginner friendly gym. As such, the company made the decision a long time ago that any equipment, such as power racks, that could be considered intimidating would not have a place in Planet Fitness clubs.

Does Anytime Fitness have squat racks?

does anytimefitness have squat racks

Yes, Anytime Fitness is a great gym that has plenty of heavy weights. heavy dumbbells, and squat racks.

Most gyms under the Anytime Fitness name will be great for lifters of any experience level.

Does LA Fitness Have Squat Racks?

does la fitness have squat racks

Yes, LA Fitness has squat racks. However, it is my experience that the number of racks will vary a lot by location. I have seen some locations with rows of squat racks while others only have one or two.

The bright side is that LA Fitness usually has a deep collection of various gym equipment and amenities. So if you catch yourself waiting for a machine, you can head to the basketball courts or get a few sets on the leg press machine while you wait.

Does Crunch Fitness Have Squat Racks?

Yes, in general, every Crunch will have several squat racks and power cages. If you hate waiting for a rack, Crunch is probably the gym for you.

Much like LA Fitness, Crunch also has a ton of gym equipment not related to squat racks.

blink fitness squat rack

Yes, Blink Fitness locations usually have a wide variety of squat racks and power racks.

Does 24-Hour Fitness Have Squat Racks?

24 hour fitness squat rack

Yes, most 24-hour Fitness locations have squat racks and deadlift platforms ready to go.

What If My Gym Does Not Have A Squat Rack?

If you are paying for a gym membership and are not an absolute beginner, I would seriously consider looking for another gym. If you like to lift weights and want to lift heavier weights, the reality is that a squat rack is just a necessary piece of equipment.

If your area has a limited number of gyms and you do not feel like coughing up a membership fee, another great option is to start your own home gym. You can buy a rack or maybe even build your own if you want to.

In the meantime though, if you really do not have access to a squat rack, there are some meaningful things you can do

  • Focus on squat variations that do not require a rack like the Zercher or goblet squat

  • Get as strong as you can the smith machines or leg press machine

  • Maybe ask your gym manager when you can expect some gym equipment changes

Why Do More And More Gyms Not Have Racks?

We have given some great gym options for serious lifters that want a rack, but I am sure many of you are wondering why would any serious gym not have a rack

The answer can be found in the fact that fitness has gotten more and more popular over the years. Along with this popularity, large gym chains grew as well.

These gyms have to cater to their core users. So as gyms became filled by more casuals as opposed to bodybuilders and powerlifters, the gyms started to tailor more and more to beginner friendly machines and less to barbells and heavy weights.

Which gym should I join?

If you are an absolute beginner or have no other option, then Planet Fitness is an alright choice for now. Especially since they tend to have lower membership fees.

That being said, you should really aim to join a gym that has racks and deadlift platforms from the very start so you can get comfortable.

Even if they be intimidating, ask a friend or a personal trainer to teach you how to use a rack and all the various exercises.

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