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Daniel Mesa

Can You Snort Pre Workout?

can your snort pre workout

In what seems like the pinnacle of bro science, snorting pre-workout has become a trend you can see all across social media. Clearly, none of the manufacturers anticipated people snorting their product, so many people asked us: Can you snort pre workout?

The truth is that pre-workouts were designed to be mixed with water and drunk. While snorting pre-workout not fatal, it can still lead to serious nasal damage and discomfort. From a performance standpoint, you are also losing a lot of the value of pre-workout as your body cannot properly absorb and use the supplement when it is snorted. 

In this guide, we will go over the trend of snorting pre-workout, break down why it is not a good idea, and answer some other common questions. 

Can You Snort Pre Workout? Why You Should Think Twice

snorting pre workout

Technically speaking, you would be able to snort most pre-workout products, as they come in a powder form. 

However, just because you can physically snort a product does not mean it is safe or advisable to do so. There are a number of issues with pre-workout products that would cause issues when snorted:

  • Too thick/clumpy: If you have ever looked into pre workout container, you will notice that the powder is not entirely fine. It tends to clump together which could potentially cause blockage in your nose. 
  • Reaction with water: Most pre-workouts are meant to react with water to create a pleasant drink. However, this same reaction could happen in your nose, with mucus causing the powder to thicken up. 
  • Artificial flavors and colors: Your hose is a highly sensitive area of your body, and common ingredients in pre-workouts such as artificial flavors may cause adverse reactions.

But Doesn’t Preworkout Absorb Faster When Snorted?

Medically speaking, snorting has been used as a legitimate method of taking medication as it can lead to faster absorption. However, that assumes that the product was designed to be snorted, and pre-workout was certainly not. 

Aside from the caffeine, the other ingredients in the pre-workout that lead to benefits such as better pump, increased focus, etc would not be able to be properly absorbed into your system. 

Consider how much some of these pre workouts can cost, you would just be wasting your own money by snorting the product as you would not get the full effect.Especially, when you consider that when taken properly it only takes around 30 minutes for pre-workout to kick in.

The Dangers Of Snorting Pre Workout

While reckless, snorting pre-workout once will likely not lead to any permanent or long-term damage. However, choosing to snort pre-workout once or more can put you at significantly higher risk for some of the following conditions:

Nasal Damage

As we have already mentioned, pre-workout powders are full of chemicals, abrasive, and simply not meant to be snorted. Given how sensitive the inside of your nose is, snorting preworkout can lead to a number of issues:

  • Nose bleeds
  • Loss of smell
  • Uncontrolled sneezing
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Tearing of the nasal lining
  • Scar tissue formation, which can lead to breathing difficulties
  • Sinitus

Did Rich Pianna Die From Snorting Pre Workout?

rich piana snorting pre workout

Rich Piana was an eccentric bodybuilder known for his high levels of caffeine and steroid use. Even before his death, it was widely speculated that Piana would snort pre-workout powder as part of his routine. 

Upon his death, large piles of powder were found in his home. These powders were later found to be pre-workouts from his own personal supplement brand. 

At this point, it is not clear how exactly Piana is due to the number of factors at play, including his steroid and recreational drug use. However, what we can say is that potentially snorting pre-workout does not help anyone’s health situation.

What Happens If You Snort Pre Workout?

If you ignore our guidance and snort pre-workout, you will run into a number of issues. 

First off, upon snorting the powder, you will feel a burn or pain in your nose from the abrasive powder and artificial ingredients. Next, the powder will likely interact with your mucus and thicken or clump.

At this point, it will likely be harder to breathe and swallow. Your nasal passages will be quite irritated, and you may find yourself sneezing over and over again. 

Soon after, the caffeine you snorted through the pre-workout will enter your bloodstream, leading to an energized feeling. The other ingredients in the pre-workout that improve your pump and focus will likely not be absorbed properly. 

Eventually, the irritation in your nose will fade away in a few hours. Snorting pre-workout once will likely not lead to any permanent damage. However, if you do this repeatedly, you are at risk for serious nasal damage or infection. 

Other Things You Should Not Do With Supplement Powders

For reasons that we are still unsure, gym bros are insistent on taking supplement powders in every way except the way they were meant to be used. Aside from snorting, here are some other methods you should also avoid when dealing with powders:

  • Dry scooping
  • Smoking your powder
  • Injecting the powder into your bloodstream
  • Taking your powder rectally

Put simply, the products you used were designed to be taken in a specific manner. Taking these supplements in other ways can lead to harmful side effects. Not to mention, you will also not get the desired effects for which you bought the product in the first place.

For this reason, it is always best to listen to the manufacturer and take the pre-workout as directed. 

Alternatives To Snorting Preworkout

We understand the appeal of finding different ways to take your pre-workout. That being said, there are plenty of safe methods that you can use. Here are some cool ways that you can take your pre-workout. Check out the video for a tutorial.

  • Pre-workout slushies
  • Pre-workout jelly
  • Pre-workout candy

Final Thoughts

Snorting pre-workout is not a good idea, and it can have very serious side effects. Apart from just being painful, you can cause permanent damage to your nasal passages. Not to mention, you will also miss out on many of the benefits that you bought the pre-workout for. 

It is always best to follow the directions and take your pre-workout as directed. 


Is pre workout addictive?

Preworkout as a whole is not very addictive. However, it is possible to develop a dependence on caffeine within pre-workout. While the symptoms will likely be mild, it is still something that you should take seriously.