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Does Pre Workout Expire?

Pre-workout can be a game changer for your weightlifting sessions. However, it is not uncommon for these supplements to go unused for months. We get busy, injuries happen, etc. But once you finally get back into the gym, you may be caught asking, "Does pre workout expire?” The truth is that, just like any other…

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why does pre workout make you itch

Why Does Pre Workout Make You Itch?

If you are new to pre workout, you may have noticed that you get a certain uncomfortable, itchy feeling shortly after taking it.  So why does pre workout make you itch? The answer lies in a standard pre-workout ingredient called beta-alanine. While intended to improve endurance, beta-alanine also has the undesirable effect of paraesthesia. It…

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Is Preworkout Addictive?

If you have taken pre-workout before, you will know that it can improve both your workouts and your overall mood. The clear effect and number of obscure ingredients often leave lifters asking: Is pre-workout addictive? The truth is that while the vast majority of pre-workout ingredients are not addictive, the high doses of caffeine and…

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Can You Snort Pre Workout?

In what seems like the pinnacle of bro science, snorting pre-workout has become a trend you can see all across social media. Clearly, none of the manufacturers anticipated people snorting their product, so many people asked us: Can you snort pre workout? The truth is that pre-workouts were designed to be mixed with water and…

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