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Sam Sulek Workout Routine & Diet

Sam Sulek Workout Routine & Diet

Sam Sulek has been blowing up all across social media thanks to his unique video style and inedible physique. This 21-year-old bodybuilder has broken the mold by developing an impressive physique with a return to the traditional bodybuilding techniques. In what seems like a new age of YouTube, traditional “gym bros” such as Sam or the Tren Twins are taking back the reigns from the science-base crowd.

In this detailed analysis of the Sam Sulek Workout Routine, we’ll examine his nutrition, training, vital statistics, and more.

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How Did Sam Sulek First Get Started?

It’s important to look back at Sam Sulek’s beginnings in bodybuilding to understand his fitness path fully. He started this journey when he was 21 years old. What early events pushed him down this amazing path? Let’s look into where he came from.

Sam Sulek is from Ohio and needed an easier path to becoming healthy. He was not like many young bodybuilders because he was an athlete. 

In high school, he was a gymnast and a strong diver. He learned discipline, strength, and endurance from these events, which would later help him greatly in his bodybuilding efforts.

Fans of Sam Sulek’s exercise videos on sites like TikTok noticed him right away. His unique way of giving fitness tips, often laced with humor or controversy, caught the attention of fitness experts and people who were just starting out. 

Sam stood out from other fitness influencers because he was honest and had a new style that felt more like a vlog and showed people an honest look into his daily life.

But what really makes Sam Sulek stand out isn’t his unusual exercise tips; it’s his body and how hard he works to keep it that way. 

He is a great example of how commitment and some unusual ways can work together to produce amazing results. 

Sam Sulek Stats

Height177 cm (5’10”)
Weight106 kg (234 lbs)
BirthdayFebruary 7, 2002

Sam Sulek Workout Routine

Sam Sulek Workout Routine

Even though Sam Sulek may have unusually started his fitness journey, it’s his workout routine that has gotten a lot of attention. The thing about Sam is that he famously does not have a set workout routine. While he does have dedicated days for Back, Chest, Legs and Arms the exact exercise can vary. Sam goes off what he calls “feel”, if he feels like a certain exercise will be good that day he will do it. Let’s look at a few examples from his daily videos and see which exercises he uses the most.

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Sam is a big proponent of daily cardio usually on his exercise bike at home. His view as the small 30-minute sessions can do a lot for your training, physique, and overall health.


Incline Bench Press: Sam pushes himself very hard during the bench press, wanting each rep to count. It’s a classic workout that will help you build a strong chest.

Incline Dumbbell Press: This is one of the best exercises for working out the upper chest. Sam shows how dedicated he is by working out with big dumbbells, ensuring he works the targeted muscle group well.

Dumbbell Flyes: Sam’s focus on isolating and building up his chest muscles is clear from how he carefully performs dumbbell flyes as part of his workout. 

This video shows part of Sam Sulek’s shoulder workout. Sam is known for always putting in a lot of effort; you can feel it in this exercise. The following movements are part of his shoulder workout:

Standing Military Press: Sam’s standing military press shows how much he loves traditional, heavy compound moves. It’s one of the most basic exercises to get big and strong shoulders. 

Lateral Raises: Lateral raises are among the most important exercises for building well-rounded shoulders. 

Front Raises: Another important part of Sam’s shoulder workout is front raises. 


Squats: Squats are the cornerstone of any effective leg workout, and Sam doesn’t hold back. While not as prevalent as early videos, Sam was no doubt a high-volume squatter for some periods of training.

Leg Extensions: Sam credits much of his quad growth to the leg extensions. Sam, often shows himself on the leg extension for as many as 6 sets.

Leg Curls: Similar to the leg extensions, Sam likes to do tons of sets on the leg curl machine.

Calf Raises: Sam views the calves as a stubborn muscle so he likes to train his calves almost daily.

Sissy Squats: Sam will often do sissy squats with just his bodyweight to really get a burn in his quads.


Bicep Curls: Sam’s arm day workout starts with bicep curls. It is clear that he uses a controlled and heavy-pulling method. He doesn’t just do it; he pushes himself to the edge with each repetition.

Tricep Pushdowns: Sam can often be seen doing the entire weight stack if not more on tricep pushdowns.

Skull Crushers: These are another important part of Sam’s arm day. His choice of weight and controlled form show that he is dedicated to building well-rounded arms.


Lat Pulldown: These are one of the most fundamental exercises in Sma’s routine, there are in almost every back day video with Sam often doing at least 4 sets.

Dumbbells Rows: This is an exercise where Sam tends to go very heavy. In his words, he is just trying to throw some weight around and fatigue his back.

Pullovers: Sam emphasizes how important he thinks it is to totally fatigue a muscle. For lats, Sam often his back days with some kind pullover.

Cable Rows: Sam will also often do cable rows, sometimes even at an angle.

Sam Sulek Diet

Sam Sulek’s approach to diet has drawn both admiration and criticism. His dietary choices are far from conventional in bodybuilding and fitness. Here’s a closer look at Sam Sulek’s diet:

Caloric Intake

Sam consumes a substantial amount of calories to fuel his intense workouts and ongoing efforts to pack on size during his bulking phase. On a typical day, his caloric intake can reach an impressive 5,200 calories. 

In a cutting phase, Sam drops down to around 2500 calories. With many of the more frivolous parts of his diet like cereal or donuts being cut out.

Diverse Food Choices

What sets Sam’s diet apart is its diversity. Sam doesn’t limit himself to a monotonous menu unlike the stereotypical bodybuilder diet. He incorporates a wide variety of foods into his daily meals. This is because Sam follows a “if it fits your macros” approach.

Occasional Indulgences

While Sam Sulek is undoubtedly dedicated to his fitness journey, he doesn’t shy away from indulging in less “clean” foods occasionally. This might include occasional treats or less conventional choices that may surprise some such as donuts, burgers, and fries.

Sam Sulek Supplements Of Choice

Sam Sulek Supplements

Even though Sam Sulek’s eating habits aren’t typical, he does include vitamins in his routine. These supplements were picked to help him on his exercise journey. These are some of Sam Sulek’s favorite supplements:

Protein Shake: Sam drinks a protein shake after working out. In line with more common bodybuilding practices, this choice helps him get the protein he needs for healing and muscle growth.

Final Thoughts

Sam Sulek’s incredible body directly results from his dedication to an old-school training regimen. But what really sets him apart is his unorthodox eating habits.

Sam Sulek’s eating plan is unconventional for bodybuilders because it prioritizes a wide range of foods over a narrow focus on clean eating. The conventional diets of bodybuilders have been tested by this novel approach, which has received both favorable and negative feedback.

Sam’s way works for him, but it may be better for some. Age, exercise level, and other factors all influence his out-of-the-ordinary decisions. Sam’s story is the motivation for anyone who knows the significance of perseverance and dedication to physical improvement.

In conclusion, Sam Sulek’s experience in the fitness industry exemplifies the breadth of that industry. His unconventional methods have won him a devoted fan base and made him a notable figure in the dynamic fitness field.