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Daniel Mesa

Total Gym FIT Review

Quick Overview

The Total Gym FIT is one the most compact and versatile home gym solutions on the market. Anyone who is a fan of bodyweight training should consider it for their fitness routine.

Overall Rating 9.2/10:

Specs: 9.3/10

Build Quality: 8.5/10

Portability: 9.5/10

Versatility: 8.3/10

Value: 9.1/10

Who Should Buy This

  • Those looking for a compact home gym
  • People that enjoy bodyweight training
  • People who need lots of versatility in their training

Before You Buy

  • Limited resistance using your own bodyweight
  • Total Gym TV is sold separately

The Total Gym FIT is a portable, challenging, and affordable home gym solution that allows every user to get a great workout from home. Using the classic Total Gym principles of bodyweight training, we found the FIT to be yet another great addition to the Total Gym line. 

This is our Total Gym FIT review. In this review, we will go over everything from specs to pros and cons and even compare some competing home gym models. Let’s get started.

Total Gym FIT

Introducing the Total Gym Fit: your ultimate home fitness solution. Experience a full-body workout with over 85 exercises, adjustable resistance levels, and sleek design. Elevate your fitness game today!

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Total Gym FIT Review: A Quick Overview

total gym fit reviews

For those unfamiliar with the product or brand, the Total Gym Fit is just the latest iteration in the Total Gym line, which has been around since 1974. In the beginning, Total Gyms were beloved due to their simplicity and effectiveness by both home gym owners and physical therapists. Several generations and improvements later, Total Gym is still a large player in the fitness industry.

The defining feature of Total Gyms is that, unlike other machines, they make use of your own body weight and gravity to provide resistance. The lack of need for weight stacks or plates makes the Total Gym a favorite for people looking for more steady resistance and a more compact option. 

By performing the exercises on a board that slides up and down on a sled, you ensure proper form while still being able to exercise every muscle in your body. 

The latest FIT model only improves on this core design by providing more resistance levels and versatility than previous models. On top of that, the FIT model also has a studier design allowing for a higher maximum user weight. 

At a high level, the Total Gym FIT makes use of a simple design with 2 pulleys and a height-adjustable stand and board. While simple, the FIT model allows for 12 different resistance configurations. 

The different settings, combined with the various settings, mean that you can use a wide range of exercises to target different body parts. Whether you are just looking for some basic toning or full-on muscle gain, the Total Gym FIT will have you covered. 

Our Tips

  • Use the included program and eventually consider upgrading to Total Gym TV to get more varied, targeted routines.
  • Make sure you have a dedicated space for your Total GYM FIT. It can be folded when not being used but needs to be fully extended during sessions.
  • If you are purchasing, keep an eye out for discounts. Total Gym frequently discounts their products potentially saving you hundreds of dollars. 


  • 12 levels of resistance
  • No assembly required
  • Can be folded away
  • Easy on joints and tissue
  • Compatible with various attachments
  • Affordable compared to other home gym options
  • Great for rehabilitation or recovery
  • Easy-to-learn exercises with proper form
  • 85+ different exercises
  • Excellent warranty and customer service


  • Can be a large investment for some
  • Will require a dedicated space in your home
  • Can be an adjustment for those used to barbell training

Is The Total Gym FIT Worth It?

The official price of the Total Gym is listed at $3000, but thanks to the frequent discounts on Total Gym’s website, it can be purchased for somewhere in the range of $1400-$1600 depending on inventory.

Of course, even at the discounted price, this can still be a large investment in just one piece of equipment. However, this is very competitive when stacked against other home gym products. 

What you have to consider is that you are essentially getting a product that can perform many functions. compact, affordable package. So while the upfront cost may be large, we think the amount of versatility still provides great value to home gym owners. 

And when it comes to money, Total Gym does have financing options available. Additionally, you also have to consider the amount you spend on personal training, commercial gym memberships, and various other pieces of equipment that are just not up to the task. 

Now we will admit that this home gym is not the very best for everything, but it is certainly great or good enough for every fitness need. So if you’re okay with having a jack-of-all-trades piece of equipment, this is a great piece for you. 

Great For

  • People who are looking for an all-in-one home gym piece
  • Those who have struggled with injuries in the past
  • Anyone who is short on space but still wants to have a home gym

Not Recommended For

  • Lifters looking for a “hardcore” workout
  • People looking to train with a barbell and weights

Total Gym Fit Specs

  • Folded dimensions: 18.5″W x 50.5″L x 8.5″H
  • Unfolded dimensions: 18.5″W x 93″L x 44.5″H
  • Weight capacity: 450 lbs.
  • Resistance levels: 12
  • Accessories: Ab crunch attachment, leg pulley accessory with detachable bracket, upgraded squat stand, and updated two-piece wing attachment for a wider range of motion
  • Exercise capabilities: Over 85 exercises options; stream free select workouts on Total Gym TV Basic
  • Key features: Arrives fully assembled; customizable resistance; access to on-demand workouts
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on frame; extended 2-year warranty on parts and priority processing
  • Price: Check the current price here

A Closer Look At The Total Gym Fit

total gym reviews pros and cons

Right off the bat, the Total Gym FIT is an excellent piece of equipment. The general concept behind using your own body weight as resistance is genius and works very well for most applications. 

The foldability and fact that this piece comes assembled make it a great option for home gym owners who just want to work out from home without much change to their current living arrangements. 

How Many Exercises Can You Do With A Total Gym FIT?

According to Total Gym, the FIT model is capable of performing over 85 different exercises. Far more than most of their other models and competitors. 

This may seem excessive, but the main thing you have to consider is that your body is incredible at adapting to new stimuli. Having the option to switch up your exercise selection will ensure that you avoid and stalls in your progress.

To get a breakdown of all the exercises, Total Gym FIT includes a free workout book with explanations for all the movements. In the past, Total Gym used to include workout DVDs, but times have clearly changed. 

Nowadays, they offer a premium subscription service called Total Gym TV, where you can gain access to all of their previous exercise tutorials as well as new content. We tried this service out and found it to be very useful. 

However, since Total Gym has been around for so long, you can find plenty of free instructional material online on platforms such as YouTube. 

How To Set Resistance Level On Total Gym FIT

The Total Gym FIT comes standard with 12 different levels of resistance. 

You can change the resistance level by adjusting the height of the base. The higher you set the base, the steeper the angle will be and the more of your body weight you will be supporting. 

What is great about this is that you can use your body weight as resistance and still have a trackable way to measure your strength. When using this machine, I personally kept close logs of what level I was performing movements at to ensure I was progressing. 

Of course, the idea is to use a steeper slope over time as you get stronger. However, certain exercises will generally require different levels of resistance. Your legs, for example, will usually operate at higher levels of resistance compared to your arms. 

For those of you who are very strong, you may find that even the highest level of resistance is not enough for you on some of your exercises. Because of that, I would not really recommend this to someone looking for a hardcore workout. For those purposes, something like a squat rack or barbell would be better. 

Although to be fair, you can purchase a separate weight bar accessory where you can use your own weight plates. It is a nice option but you would be limited because the total weight of your body and weight plates still needs to be under the total weight capacity.

What Accessories Come With A Total Gym FIT?

One of the main reasons we think the Total Gym FIT provides a great value is the number of accessories and add-ons that you get along with the machine. Each of the accessories serves a specific purpose to target different areas of the body:

  • Total Gym AbCrunch: This add-on securely fastens to the frame using metal pins inserted on each side. It features comfortable handlebars and cushioned armrests, providing support and comfort during ab exercises.
  • Ribbed squat stand: With a wide and sturdy design, this platform is easily installed at the base of the Total Gym FIT. It allows for various leg exercises like jump squats, basic squats, and single-leg squats.
  • Two-piece wing attachment: Enhancing your range of motion, this attachment enables chin-ups, pull-ups, and inversion exercises. The handlebars can be locked in place with a metal pin for added security during workouts.
  • Leg-pull accessory: Equipped with a detachable bracket and two ankle cuffs, this accessory facilitates a range of exercises. It enables leg presses, hamstring curls, and inner thigh pulls, as well as Pilates, yoga stretches, and more.
  • Training Deck: Exercise guide that you can attach to the base stand of the FIT so you can reference it during use
  • Wall Chart: A large poster that illustrates 35 common exercises for quick reference

Overall, the Total Gym FIT makes up for its price with the number of additional accessories and attachments it includes. In our experience, it is often the case that these home gym companies make you purchase the needed accessories separately. 

So it really is a breath of fresh air that Total Gym includes so many of these at the original price.

Weight Capacity

Officially the Total Gym FIT has a listed weight capacity of 450 lbs. This is almost double the weight capacity compared to some of the smaller and cheaper models in Total Gym’s lineup. 

Now, most of you will fall well under the listed weight capacity. But the higher weight capacity on the FIT certainly reflects in terms of build quality. Everything from the pulleys to the frame and accessories just seems heavy-duty. 

Even during use, there was no shaking or creaking. Everything felt stable and smooth, as any quality home gym machine should. 

Therefore, even if you are a large or taller individual I would still recommend the Total Gym FIT with no problem. 

Ordering And Assembling The Total Gym Fit

Ordering the Total Gym FIT was very easy as their website is very easy to use and has a variety of payment options. Shipping was also free which also helps to justify the cost.

If you have any questions or concerns, they also have a line that you can call to ask questions or place orders as well.

No Assembly Needed

When we got our Total Gym FIT in the box, it was as easy as pulling it out of the box and securing it into the floor. The total time from unboxing to getting started on our first set was probably under 10 minutes. 

Anybody who has experience with fitness equipment assembly knows how great a feature this is. With another home gym, you often need to dedicate several hours if not days to assembly or spend extra money on a professional assembly team. 


As far as home gym options go, the Total Gym FIT is a compact, minimalistic option that can easily be folded away or hidden nicely. 

While using the FIT, it is 18 inches wide, eight feet long, and about four feet tall. When folded, it is only four feet long and one foot tall. Crucially, it is also only 66 pounds meaning that you can easily pick it up and hide it or store it when not in use. 

  • Total Gym FIT folded dimensions: 18.5″W x 50.5″L x 8.5″H
  • Total Gym FIT unfolded dimensions: 18.5″W x 93″L x 44.5″H

Folding For Storage

Another great feature was the foldability of the FIT model. While using this model, I was surprised by the number of places we could fit the machine without much hassle when folded. Behind a couch, under a bed, in a closet, etc. 

For this reason, we think the Total Gym FIT is an especially great option for those of you that are working with limited space.

Total Gym Fit vs Total Gym XLS

Total Gym FitTotal Gym XLS
Resistance Levels126
Leg Pull
Upgraded Squat Stand
2-piece Wing Attachment
Leg Pull
Ribbed Squat Stand
Wing Attachment
Weight Capacity450 lb400 lb
WarrantyLifetime frame
2 year parts
Lifetime frame
6 month parts

Total Gym XLS

Experience the Total Gym XLS - your compact, yet comprehensive home fitness solution. Offering 80+ diverse exercises, easy storage, and gentle-on-joints workouts, it's a game-changer in your journey to achieving robust health and fitness.

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In Total Gym’s extensive lineup, the closest thing you will find to the FIT is probably the Total Gym XLS. The XLS is one of the best Total Gym Models and also comes packed with features. 

There is no question to us which one is better. The FIT comes with a better warranty, more exercise options, a higher weight capacity, and double the resistance options. Not to mention, it also includes the AbCrunch which costs well over $100 if you were to purchase it separately. 

However, the extra features of the FIT do come at around a $600 premium. In our opinion, the value is certainly there to justify the price difference. If you already shopping for a home gym, it would make sense to just go ahead and upgrade to the more extensive option.

That being said, everyone has their own budget and needs. If the FIT seems like too much home gym for you, the XLS is still a great piece of equipment and can certainly get the job done for many people. Check out our Total Gym XLS review for more details.

Customer Service

Total Gym can be reached by email, phone, or its website. While they are based in the USA, they do have international customer service lines that can be contacted for customer needs as well.

Returns, Warranty, Financing

Total Gym offers a 30-Day Trial, meaning that you can try out the Total Gym FIT for 30 days and return it for a full refund if you find that it does not fit your exact needs. In the event that you decide to exercise these options, you will likely have to cover the shipping costs here. 

The warranty on the Total Gym FIT is truly excellent. Total Gym offers lifetime coverage on the frame plus 2 years on all parts. In the case of the FIT, the parts include things like the pulleys, cables, and handles. 

Customer Reviews

The Total Gym FIT has been a hit within the fitness industry. With an average rating of 4.7, the vast majority of customers have been pleased with the quality and performance of Total Gym FIT.

total gym fit customer revirews

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Final Verdict On Our Total Gym Fit Review

Time to conclude our deep dive into the Total Gym FIT. Equipped with the potential for over 85 diverse exercises and 12 distinct resistance levels, the FIT is a versatile fitness solution, tailor-made to cater to individuals across the fitness spectrum, beginners or pros alike.

Its assembly is intuitive and uncomplicated, bolstered by an exceptional warranty that further builds user confidence. Not to mention its joint-friendly design ensures an impactful, yet safe workout experience.

Granted, it does carry a premium price tag, but when considering its robust nature and comprehensive features, the Total Gym FIT presents a compelling value proposition for those seeking a high-performance, home fitness setup.

So, in response to our initial query – is the Total Gym FIT legitimate? The answer is a resounding yes.

The Total Gym FIT isn’t merely legit, it’s a comprehensive home gym solution designed to not only help you achieve your fitness goals, but also maintain them sustainably. We wholeheartedly endorse this product.

Total Gym Fit Rating


Build Quality:



Value :

Final Verdict


Boasting over 85 diverse exercises, 12 adjustable resistance levels, and a joint-friendly design, the Total Gym FIT is a robust, versatile home gym solution that’s worth its premium price tag. It’s more than just a fitness machine; it’s a sustainable path to achieving and maintaining your fitness goals, thus earning our full endorsement.


Can you build muscle with the Total Gym Fit?

Yes, you can build with the Total Gym Fit. It may not have the highest resistance but you can still build plenty of exercises with a high number of exercises.