How To Make DIY Pulley System For Home Gyms

In this guide, we will break down how to make a DIY pulley system for home gym owners. One of the few downsides of switching over to a home gym is that cable machines can be very expensive, both in terms of cost and space. Functional trainers, even those designed for home gyms, can easily … Read more

DIY Safety Squat Bar: Full Guide

diy safety bar

The safety squat bar is a great specialty bar with tons of great benefits for your lower body training. The combination of versatility, injury prevention, and strength gains make it a great tool in any home gym. However, if you do not want to take the full plunge and buy yet another barbell, that is … Read more

DIY Squat Rack Platform: A Guide

homemade squat rack platform

With any home gym, you need some kind of floor protection to prevent damaging both your floor and equipment. In the beginning, some thick rubber mats can do an okay job but you will eventually want to upgrade to a squat rack platform. A good platform will protect your things and can allow you to … Read more

DIY Barbell Storage Best 8 Ideas

If you are a home gym owner, you will inevitability run into space and organization issues. If you are like me and have lots of different specialty bars, then getting some basic barbell storage goes a long way toward making things look nicer. Unlike other areas of your gym, this is an area where you … Read more

DIY Squat Rack Guide and Ideas

diy wooden squat stand

A lot of people want to get started lifting with a home gym but simply do not have the money to afford a big squat rack. This is completely understandable and not a reason to worry. Building your own squat rack is a great alternative. A homemade squat rack will have you squatting and benching … Read more