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planet fitness total body ehancement

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Daniel Mesa

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement: Full Guide & Review

planet fitness total body ehancement

The total body enhancement machine at Planet Fitness is one of the latest perks added for members. While the machine may be trending, most people do not know the real benefits and applications.

In this guide, we will go over the full Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement experience, including the benefits, rules, and how to actually use the machine.

What Is Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement?

pf total body ehancement

The Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement machines look like tanning beds thanks to their large light beams and enclosed design. But it is actually something completely different.

In reality, the Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement machine is a rejuvenation machine sold by a company called Beauty Angel. The Beauty Angel RVT 30 is the official model that Planet Fitness utilizes. Instead of using UV tanning bulbs, the bulbs instead use infrared red light therapy. On top of that, the machine also features a vibrating plate that will move during use.

Between 580 nm and 700 nm is the exact wavelength that the machine uses. This is pretty much the industry standard for experiencing the ideal benefits of red light therapy. Thanks to the booth-like design, you ensure that your entire body gets some exposure to red light.

The vibrating plate is known as the Vibra Shape. The plate comes with four intensity levels. The first level is very passive, while the most intense vibration is said to mimic exercises like walking or running.

Who Can Use The Total Body Enhancement Machines At Planet Fitness?

As long as you are a black card holder at Planet Fitness, you should be able to use the machine. The black card costs $10 more per month than a regular membership so $20 per month total.

When you consider that just a single red light therapy session at other spas usually costs somewhere in the range of $50-$100, this is not a bad deal at all.

Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement Benefits

total body ehancement benefits

The Total Body Enhancement machines at Planet Fitness have a variety of benefits that you should be aware of:

Improved Recovery

One of the largest benefits of the Total Body Enhancement machine at Planet Fitness is that it can be used as a recovery aid after a hard lifting session.

Both the red light therapy and vibrating plate are contributing factors to this benefit.

Numerous studies have shown that whole-body vibration is quickly emerging as an effective recovery technique. Many users have even suggested that their level of soreness on days following a workout is drastically reduced when they use whole-body vibration techniques.

Meanwhile, red light therapy has also been shown to also drastically improve recovery time and muscle soreness as well. Many athletes in recent years incorporating it into their routines as well.

Increased ATP Production

It is not uncommon for people to go to the gym and just feel drained. Whether that be in the middle of the workout or the beginning, how much energy you have will drastically affect your performance in the gym.

By using the Total Body Enhancement machine at Planet Fitness, you can quickly replenish your body’s ATP stores to feel more energized for your workout.

This primarily occurs thanks to your mitochondria. As the powerhouse of the cell, they play a direct role in your performance. Since mitochondria are photosensitive to red light therapy, they are fuelled to create ATP more efficiently.

With more energy, you are more likely to push to your failure point to trigger new muscle growth or strength gains. In fact, there are multiple studies showing that red light therapy can be a major benefit for strength athletes in particular.

Weight Loss

As we already touched on, by using the Total Body Enhancement machine, you will increase energy benefits that will allow you to push yourself harder in the gym. This will result in more calories burnt, which will result in a greater amount of fat loss.

Additionally. the vibration plate has been shown to mimic the metabolic effects of walking or running thanks to its high-intensity levels. Meaning, that while you are in the machine you will be burning fat as well.

Improved Skin

Another positive cosmetic effect of red light therapy and the Total Body Enhancement machine is improved skin health.

Studies done with red light therapy have shown that it can significantly improve skin complexion. skin feeling, skin roughness, and collagen density.

Another claim is that red light therapy can also potentially help reduce stretch marks. However, there is much evidence for this claim. Some people have reported improvement, but nothing established enough to tell you that you will see a noticeable reduction in stretch marks.

How To Use Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement?

While the Beauty Angel machine is fairly easy to use, I hardly ever see people taking advantage of it as much as they should.

What To Do Before You Get Into The Total Body Enhancement Machine

  • Remove all jewelry (Piercings, rings, bracelets, watches)

  • To avoid any issues, it is best to remove all skin care products or make-up that you are wearing

  • Stand in the center of the booth

  • If the vibration is too intense, use the straps overhead to help support you

  • You should wear eye protection although it is not required

  • You can wear as much or as little clothing as you want. However, generally the more exposed skin the better.

Step By Step Guide

how to use total body ehancement

Get Into The Booth

Climb into the booth and stand in the center

Pick Your Settings

Use the buttons in the booth to adjust your setting. The left and right arrows will pick the intensity levels while the up and down arrows will select the program. Keep in mind that the higher you go, the more intense it will be.


Once you have set your setting and are ready, press start. The session will last 12 minutes in total.


Once your 12 minutes are up, exit the machine and get dressed.

Total Body Enhancement Machine Tips

  • Maximize Skin Exposure: Do not worry about privacy concerns, you will have dedicated spaces where you can get dressed or undressed in private. What is actually important is getting the most out of the red light therapy benefits.

  • Listen To The Instructions: When you get into the machine, a voice will play giving you a basic explainer of how the machine works and how you can adjust the settings.

  • Adjust As Needed: Among the thing, you can adjust include fan speed, music, and intensity. By using the voice guide and simple menus, you should be able to make changes as needed.

  • Start Off Slow: While you first start out, I would recommend going with the lower intensity setting just to see how much you like it first.

  • Stick To It: One session is not going to make a large difference. To get the best results, you should be using the Total Body Enhancement machine a few times per week. Since it only takes 12 minutes, there is no excuse.

Total Body Ehancment At Planet Fitness: My Review And Results

Since I have to travel frequently for my job, I hold a Planet Fitness black card since most cities will have at least one Planet Fitness gym. I have used the Total Body Enhancement machine at several locations, here is how my experience:

Using The Total Body Enhancement Machine

The process of using the machine is fairly simple. All I do when I go to Planet Fitness is just ask any employee and then they usually tell me which room to go to.

I have never had to wait for a machine as there are usually plenty not being used. Anyways, once you go in the room you have total privacy. Here, you can get undressed or get into whatever clothes you want to wear. I usually just opt for some underwear.

Once I get into the machine, I pick my settings. Since I have more experience, I prefer to go more the most intense options. At that level, the red light therapy is warm but not painfully hot or anything like that.

I actually really like the vibrating plate. It will switch modes to make different parts of your body vibrate. While it starts out fairly mild, it will kick it up a notch toward the end. Expect some serious vibration during the second half of the 12 minutes.

My Results

Here are the biggest things I have noticed from using the total body enhancement 2-3 times per week:

  • Less soreness: My primary form of exercise is weightlifting. I have found that on days when I use the Total Body Enhancement along with my regular training I feel less sore the next few days.

  • Improved skin: Another benefit that I noticed is that skin improved in terms of glow and quality. I suspect that this is due to the red light therapy.

Does Total Body Enhancement Work?

In terms of other potential benefits that this machine claims, I think they are slightly too far-fetched. For things like weight loss or building a toned body, you are much better off focusing on a solid fitness routine and diet.

Equipment like the Total Body Enhancement machine can be used as a small aid but it will not be the factor that makes the largest difference.

Did I Use It Before Or After My Workout?

Personally, I enjoyed how warm and energized the Total Body Enhancement experience made me feel so I opted to use it before my workouts.

That being said, there is no hard rule. You should try both and see which you like best. As long as you’re incorporating this red light therapy machine into your routine in some capacity, you should be getting most of the benefits.


  • Build up collagen in skin cells thanks to infrared light
  • Combines red light therapy with a muscle vibration program
  • Improved muscle recovery
  • Quick (12 minutes)
  • Good deal considering the cost of red light therapy at other locations


  • Lack of instruction for beginners
  • Requires black card

Who Should Not Use Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement?

According to Beauty Angel and Planet Fitness, the following people should not Total Body Enhancement:

  • People with a body weight of more than 300 lbs

  • Pregnant women

  • People with epilepsy

  • People with illnesses which cause light sensitivity or are aggravated by light.

  • People younger than 18 should have parental permission

  • People who take medication or herbal remedies which cause light sensitivity (e.g. antibiotics, anti-inflammatory agents, antifungal agents or St. Johns wort).

  • People with DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)

  • People with fresh wounds following an operation or surgery

  • People with pacemakers

  • People suffering from retinal detachment

  • People with acute osteoporosis

Is Planet Fitness Total Enhancement Safe?

Yes, the Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness is safe. Although the machine may look overwhelming, there is really nothing to be concerned about.

Unlike tanning beds which can cause harmful side effects down the line thanks to repeated UV ray exposure, the Total Body Enhancement programs use low-level laser therapy which does not have any harmful effects.

Total Body Enhancement Side Effects

Personally, I have never experienced any side effects but according to both Beauty Angel and Planet Fitness, here are some possible side effects that you should be aware of.

It should be noted that all of these are caused by the vibration plate (especially when used at higher speeds). The red light therapy portion of the machine has not been shown to have any adverse effects.

  • Itching in regions of the body being trained

  • Nausea and vertigo

  • The rapid and brief drop in blood pressure

  • Rapid hyperglycemia in the event of diabetes

Total Body Enhancement Video Experience

Bottom Line On Planet Fitness Red Light Therapy

Overall, the Total Body Enhancement offered by Planet Fitness is a great device that more members should take advantage of.

It is easy to use and provides a number of great benefits like improved skin health, recovery, and more.

Does planet fitness have rowing machines?

Does planet fitness have weigh scales?

Does planet fitness have Zumba classes?

Some locations do have Zumba classes but most do not on a consistent basis. However, you can also do the number of other classes provided by Planet Fitness.

Does planet fitness have tanning beds?

Yes, Planet Fitness has tanning beds available for black card members.

Alternatives for red light therapy?

If you do not have the proper membership or are looking for a simpler option, an easy solution is to have an at home red light therapy device.