Top 21 Garage Gym Ideas

home gym mirror

One of the reasons people build a home gym is so that can have their own personalized setup. This sounds great in principle but once you get started, it can be very easy to get overwhelmed by all choices you have to make. Here at FitDominum, we have picked up a few things through our … Read more

Can You Have An Outdoor Squat Rack?

outdoor rdiy rack

Want to put your squat rack outdoors? I can understand the appeal, lifting outside is great and lets you escape the feeling of a crowded commercial gym or stuffy garage home gym. The only problem is the squat racks can be EXPENSIVE. You do not want to have your $1000 dollar + rack rust away … Read more

Home Gym vs Gym Membership

Home gyms have been booming lately with more and more people swapping out their gym membership for a home gym. But before you jump in, it is important to look at both options. You do not want to be the guy who spent $15k on a home gym only to end up with poor equipment … Read more