Can You Bench Press In A Squat Rack?

Have you ever wanted to push yourself past failure but been terrified that failed press will result in the bar crushing your chest? There is an easy fix for this, just bench in a squat rack, squat stand, or power rack. You can put safety bars where you like and push yourself past your limits … Read more

How To Squat Without A Rack

goblet squat

Squats are the best exercises you can do for your lower body. Traditionally, heavy barbell squats are done with the help of a squat rack. And if you want to do a heavy barbell squat you should really consider getting a rack or building your own if you have a home gym. However, if you … Read more

DIY Squat Rack Guide and Ideas

diy wooden squat stand

A lot of people want to get started lifting with a home gym but simply do not have the money to afford a big squat rack. This is completely understandable and not a reason to worry. Building your own squat rack is a great alternative. A homemade squat rack will have you squatting and benching … Read more

How To Use Squat Rack And Power Rack

barbell, gym, squat rack

Learning how to use squat racks and power racks is one of the first few key steps you need to take on your journey of gaining muscle and being fit. While I am all for having fun lifting, you are going to be moving some serious weight and need to know exactly what you are … Read more

Home Gym vs Gym Membership

Home gyms have been booming lately with more and more people swapping out their gym membership for a home gym. But before you jump in, it is important to look at both options. You do not want to be the guy who spent $15k on a home gym only to end up with poor equipment … Read more